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Are the first signs of pregnacy different with twins?

I was wondering if the symptoms are any different with twins? Do you have more morning sickness or headaches????? Just curious...
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I had twins, no symptoms at all until around 10 weeks.  I never vomited from morning sickness, but had nausea from around 7 pm to 9pm every night.  I also had a lot of headaches.
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Im expecting twins and first 3 month had "all day" sickness!!!!im 20 weeks now and still sick every day but not as intense.....
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Expecting 2 boys. I had nausea a lot, but never actually vomited, had a lot headaches and felt very tired, in the first trimester. It all slowly went away after the 1st trimester for me. Then I started getting a lot fatigue again a few weeks ago. I am 28 weeks 1 day.
I have 3 girls and NEVER had headaches carrying them. They were awful. I suspected twins though, based on my Beta numbers. They were kind of high. I found out at 7 wks 1 day via u/s that it was twins. So I found out early on.
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I am currently 30+3 and have not thrown up. I do get occasional heartburn and indigestion and have had a few times where I suffered several days with sciatica. I don't suffer from headaches because they want my daily fluid intake to be at least a gallon a day because I had gone into preterm labor at 18 weeks.
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I had morning sickness from 9-16 weeks. I do have really bad lower back, shoulder, groin, & pelvic pain. I'm 32 weeks with twins & measuring 36 weeks. I feel them play, fight for space, & get hiccups a lot. It's sooo uncomfortable to sleep, I sleep sitting up. I don't have heartburn or headaches. I get occasional nausea but rarely throw up. I take my prenatals, iron, & vitamin D every day & drink lots of water. It has its ups & downs but its an amazing experience.
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I am 25w and 3 days with twins and I have never gotten sick...dr. was kinda shocked but it really depends on the person. Typically they say you are supposed to have lots more hormones and more vomiting/nausea.
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When I was pregnant with my twins, I really had no morning sickness (I would get nauseous a bit, but never threw up). My only major symptom was I was SUPER tired all the time.
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I'm 15 weeks with twins and I am just now able to eat normally again. The nausea/vomiting and food aversion was pretty rough. Oh and I pretty much couldn't get outta bed the first 2 and a half months. Soooo tired! Also constantly thirsty.
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I'm 17w 2d with twins and have been extremely sick. I started to vomit really bad at wk10 and needed up going to the hospital because I was unable to keep anything down.  Dr put me on tpn so I could get nutrients.  I've been super tired.  I'm really achy. And I started showing really early on.
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Thank you so much for all your commits.. I am currently TTC. Twins runs in my family. I think it would be awesome. I have twin niece's.
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