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7 weeks pregnant, empty gestational sac. :(

Over the past week, I have been having a lot of issues with my pregnancy. I spotted just a tiny bit 8 days ago. Barely noticeable. But, I went to the hospital anyways to make sure everything was okay because this is my first pregnancy & I am scared. They did a vaginal u/s & I should have been around 6 weeks pregnant but the u/s only showed an empty sac. They suspected it was an ectopic pregnancy on my right ovary & of course That concerned the doctors so they've been monitoring my HCG levels which have been doubling BEAUTIFULLY according to my OB/GYN.

On Monday, I went in for another u/s. They did a pelvic & vaginal. When they did the pelvic, they discovered that I have a corpus luteum cyst on my left ovary but again, the sac was empty. It had grown the way it should have though. I had more blood work done & then had my first prenatal appointment with my OB/GYN yesterday. She checked my cervix & said it was exactly how it should be in pregnancy. Not opened. No bleeding. She said my uterus was exactly how it should be too. She got the results from the HCG tests again & they were nearly 15k. She said for coming on to 7 weeks, that was VERY good.
Now, my friend works in the hospital & helps to deliver babies. I was talking to her about what I am experiencing & she said she believes I have a blighted ovum. I brought that up with my OB/GYN & she said in my case, it's only a tiny bit possible because my HCG levels are doubling & rising how they should. & That everything else is perfect too. She believes my baby is just too tiny to see yet.

Is there any chance she's right? I really don't want to have a blighted ovum because my fiance & I really want this baby. We've been trying for 8 months to get pregnant,

Has anyone else went through this & then suddenly their baby appeared on the u/s healthy?

Is it possible that the fetus is just positioned weird in the sac so the u/s is unable to see them yet?  

I wanna be hopeful... it's just so difficult to be...
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I had a blighted ovum with my first pregnancy I was in complete shock and disbelief because everything seemed so normal my HCG levels where exactly where they should be so I wanted to wait it out before jumping to do a DnC hoping things would change well around 12 weeks my body finally started the miscarriage process.
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That just happened to my best friend and i. I'm 25wks now and she's 10wks. She couldn't see her baby until last well and i couldn't see mine until 11wks. The drs wanted to give me the shot but since my hcg levels were perfect i decided to wait it out:)
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I'm hoping my baby is just a ninja or something, haha. I'm going to wait it out too. I've read too many stories about women being diagnosed with blighted ovums too soon & then going to go get that shot & there ends up being a baby after all.
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when I was 7 weeks I saw my baby, sac, and its little heart beating. Sorry hun
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I would wait a little while longer just in case hun. Hoping for the best for you.
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I didn't have an u/s till I was 11 weeks, so I'm not sure, but I'll be praying for you and baby that all is well!
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I had a blighted ovum years ago, i started off lightly bleeding at 10 weeks, then it started getting redder and a little heavier. I had an ultrasound to get cheked out, and the sac was empty, and the size of about 8 weeks. I knew there was no way my dates were out, and so i had a d & c. With my following 2 pregnancies i was so scared of it happening again i had early ultrasounds at 7 wks and 8wks, and both had heartbeats and normal. With this pregnancy my first ultrasound was at 5w 5d, and no heartbeat seen, but there was a fetal pole. Even if you are only 6 weeks they should be able to see a fetal pole, you will not see a fetal pole in a blighted ovum. But if you are unsure of your dates, then just leave it for another week or so to see if the pregnancy has progressed. I really don't mean to upset you, but i have heard of hcg levels rising with a blighted ovum, its usually around week 10-11 that the body realises whats going on, and miscarriage starts.
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I didn't get to hear my heartbeat till 8-9weeks, and I didn't get my first ultra sound till 14 weeks.

Best of luck to you mama!!
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Hiya, I've just read your original post and wondered what the outcome was for you? I've just been to the hospital for a scan thinking I was 7 weeks+ only to find an empty sac :( I've had no bleeding but some right sided pain but the scan also showed a corpus luteum on left ovary which had bled a little. i'm really confused and also scared. I've had a blood test today and have to go back Saturday for another.
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For my personal pregnancy, I saw everything at 6wks4days - heart beating & everything. However! My aunt had the same issue as you - empty sac at 11wks!! No HB. She had bleeding & cramps. They told her to prepare for miscarriage & then at 12wks they went back to be positive & they found HB! Her daughter is 8. She is very very short, but very healthy & intelligent! Don't stress until you know for sure.. they can miss things and babies progress differently :-)
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