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13 weeks....

...and showing. Ugh. I was so petite now I can't suck it in to save my life. I feel fat and disgusting.

lol when do you FEEL pregnant and not grotesque???
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its because you were small to begin with.  There isn't any other place for baby to go but out.   I'm 25 wks and a bigger girl to start with but I still feel "round" and one of the girls I work with told me I looked round a about 15wks.  Sad part is I have only gained 8lbs to date.  maybe even less then that... I somehow dropped 5lbs in 2 wks, oops.     Anyways you have to remember that its not you gaining it's the baby.  Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.  don't put any pressure on yourself.
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I'm small as well and can't wait to show some "rondeurs" or curves. Remember it's the most beautiful miracle to carry a life within you, and the weight gain is only temporary. I eat healthy and exercise, but won't starve my baby bcoz I wanna stay skinny, my baby's health is most important and his growth has to show out... You aren't fat, you're sexy curvy ;)  Try to enjoy your new curves, many women would give everything to experience what you're going through.
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I used to feel like that cos I didn't look pregnant for ages last time...same this time but now I'm like "friggit I'm growing a baby" I feel like it not my body until baby is born :-)
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I never showed early, but gain crazy amounts at the end. The down side? Really bad stretch marks! All the way down & all the way up to my belly button! Maybe long term, showing steadily will help the final outcome of how your body looks afterwards :-) short term annoyance = long term beauty lol
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in a few weeks you'll have a more definite bump and it certainly made me feel better whdn it was more obvious to everyone that I was pregnant and not just gaining weight! I felt like a blob up until then!
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All of you were so helpful! I feel sooooo much better about this weight gain, or bloating, or whatever it is. LOL its a baby! That's all that should matter.  :)
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I am just over 8 weeks with my 4th and I am also feeling rather round already. I was quite small before and am very petite. I can not wait until others can look at me and be christian it is baby and not bulk. Congratulations :)
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I am just over 8 weeks with my 4th and I am also feeling rather round already. I was quite small before and am very petite. I can not wait until others can look at me and be CERTIAN it is baby and not bulk. Congratulations :) (got to love auto correct)
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Im not super skinny 5'1 115lbs, with my 1st 20wks+ I started showing. Gained over 50lbs but no stretch marks. Thankfully lost it all in a year, n didnt breast feed. Dont worry u'll lose the weight. Im on my 2nd pregnancy 13wks n already gained 6lbs due to fatigue. I feel super fat too bcuz I m super insecure about my weight. We jus have to think positive!
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I was the same i could wear size 6 dresses and shirts and now im just fitting into size 10 and im only 23 weeks u didnt feel pregnant till i felt him kick and then you are reminded all the bloidy that there is a little baby inside you.
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I was a size 6 too...not tiny (a little extra padding), but a compact little frame...so I started showing really early too. It was most frustrating before I "popped out" around 16-17 weeks; even after I told people I was pregnant they said it just looked like I put on some extra weight. Jeez, thanks lol. But once my belly popped out and it looked like I swallowed a basketball and wasn't just in the "look fat, not pregnant" stage, it got kinda cute. Then I bought cute maternity clothes and it made me feel a lot happier about the crazy changes this little baby was making to my body.
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