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18 weeks pregnant and barely showing.

I will be 18 weeks pregnant on Friday, December 2nd. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was roughly 130 lbs. Now I am roughly 112-114 (depending on the day). I have been feeling (what I think is slight) movement, and my pants are becoming more snug. But I was wondering why I really wasn't showing yet.
I also am having intense back pain. Sometimes so intense I can barely bring myself to walk down the stairs in the morning. All of my doctors say that the baby is healthy and good, but not showing at 4 months worries me a little.
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Don't worry yourself too much. I didn't start showin until around the time you are right now and it wasn't very noticeable. It started being noticeable to strangers around the time that I was like 23 or 24 weeks.
I remember at my 19 week ultrasound that my stomach still sunk in a bit when I laid down.
You'll pop in no time. That baby must be shoved right in there and closer to your back...that's probably why it hurts the way it does.
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I agree with heather. With my first I didn't start showing until 6 months and I was 98 lbs pre pregnancy. It just depends on how tight your abdominal muscles are, how long your torso is and how you are carrying baby.
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alot of women dont start showing till after 20 weeks the they grow dramtically others grow big early and stay like that until about 2-3 months before due and then get bigger
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I didn't start to show until I was 24 weeks then there's no stopping, my bump is huge but today is my due date x
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Everyone who posted above is correct. Every woman's body is different. With my first child I didn't start showing at all until around 5 months. I am now 14 weeks and have only gained 4 pounds. I started at 102 lbs and now I'm 106. I'be barely noticed any change in my tummy except like you my pants are a little snugger. I also notice my stomach is not as flat but still no noticeble bump. Don't worry yourself, especially if your doctor says everything is fine:) I too have horrible back pain but that's normal to, I talked to my doctor about it. You'll start showing soon enough. Good luck:)
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Also, if this is your first pregnancy, if you are toned, and if you are tall, it may take awhile for everything to stretch.
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I completely agree with the others. There is no specific time you have to start showing, and it is completely dependent on the female in question. I didn't show with my daughter till I was 7 months, and even when I delivered at 39 weeks I still didn't look that far along--and I could easily hide it. Don't worry, the size of your belly doesn't mean baby isn't growing or that something is wrong.
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I am 17 weeks with number 3 and barely showing as well. I also dropped in weight a lot at the very beginning and haven't been to the doc in 3 weeks so I don't know if I have gained. Don't worry I'm sure it's just normal.
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I agree with everyone one else. Every pregnancy is different and some will show a lot later than others. And because this is your first , the first baby usually takes longer. I didn't show with my first till I was about 7 months even then if I wore something baggy, i could hide it. But with this one I'm only 14 weeks and Iv started to pop out a bit .
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I started showing at 24weeks, but maybe because its my first pregnancy.anyways I think it all depends on your body in order to show.
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I started actually showing at about 6m with my son and I carried in front with both pregnancies. From the back or front straight on it wasn't really noticeable that I was pregnant. I had to be looked at from the side for the most part until about 7 1/2- 8 months.
I gained only 6 lbs my 2nd pregnancy and delivered my son at 6lb5oz, lol.  I wasn't really big starting out, about 5'8 165lbs. There are pics on my profile.
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