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20 Weeks/ Nasty Sinus infection. About baby? Please help. TMI alert.

I've got this terrible sinus infection.  My nose gets all stuffed up at night.  When I try to get rid of it by blowing it out, it's one of the nastiest - grossest smells in the world.  The doctor's office wasn't open yesterday or today.  (I don't feel it's bad enough to go to the emergency room.)  I blow my nose often to get that junk out of there, but it never ends :(  I got headaches yesterday and the day before from all the pressure.  Also dental pain.  Small cough.  This mucous is disgusting, almost like pus.  Smells like rotting animal..  (sorry)  It makes my breath smell bad even though I brushed my teeth 5 times yesterday, and used mouthwash even more.  I've had this whole thing starting on Thursday.  It just started getting horrible yesterday.  I have used the following treatments, hoping it gets better.

-These vapor tablets you use in the shower.
-Tylenol Sinus and Pain
-One of those decongestant sticks
-Vick's Vapor Rub

I am feeling better.  I just can't get rid of a small twinge of the headache or this gross mucous.  Is my baby going to be okay?  I really am hoping that the doctor can wait for tomorrow.  On duty tonight and I can't find anyone to take my watch.  I still feel her moving so I know she's fine.  I would just like some reassurance to hold me over until tomorrow morning.  Thank you.
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i would try a netti pot
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p.s my dr told me not to take tylenol cold and sinus while pregnant, i had specifically asked her and she said regular tylenol is the only thing
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I had an upper respiratory infection, and ended up going to the ER because I felt horrible. I got told I could take Benadryl and Tylenol only while I was pregnant, I was in my second trimester. Can you call the hospital and at least ask a nurse what's safe?
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Thanks!  I had absolutely no idea what that was until I looked it up just now.  I'm stationed overseas, and they are limited on what they carry.  I will definitely buy one for future use.  I haven't asked about the Cold and Sinus yet, but I'm holding off taking anything until I go to the doctors tomorrow morning.  I'll be calling.  I only took 3 doses, so I'm hoping it didn't do anything.  After this, I'm done with OTC meds.  So much stress, then finding out later that it's bad.  Thanks guys :)
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It also helps if you sleep with a humidifier in your room!
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I am sorry you are feeling bad. I am actually going through the same thing.  Had a viral brochitas a few weeks ago then it turned into this sinus infection with all of your same symtoms, but I am not sure of the smell because I can barely smell or taste anything.  My regular doctor said to take the sudafed that you have to get behind the pharmacy the real stuff not the PE.  It helps temporarily, but then it just gets stuffy again when it's time to take the meds again. I do the humidifier, saline solution to rinse my sinuses, garggle with salt water, do the steam in the shower too.  Saw my OB this passed week, she only recommended the same thing.  If there is no fever it's not bacterial only viral and there is no antibiotics that will help.  Everyone around me has had this and gotten better. I am at a stand still I don't know what to do.  Hope we get better soon let me know what your doc says!
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Thank you :)  Most definitely investing in a humidifier.  My nose is starting to get rather dry on the outside from blowing my nose..  Gross.
You are so lucky you can't smell this smell.  I was put on antibiotics (Z-Pack), yesterday and it's really helping.  I still get the stuffies, but it's not as bad.  I don't have to blow my nose nearly as often.  The sinus headache went away, as well as the dental pain.  She told me to take the antibiotics and it should clear up within a few days.  I'm hoping so.  Ever since I've started taking it, I have felt a whole lot better.  I hope you start feeling better soon.  These are supposed to last one to two weeks, even though it may seem a bit longer.  I told my doctor that I was taking the Tylenol Sinus and Pain Severe over the weekend, and she didn't say anything bad about it at all.  She told me that all Tylenol was okay to take.  I hope that helps you.  I have yet to try the rinsing of the sinuses.  I don't believe they sell NETI Pots over here. :/  Thanks again.  Get well soon!!!
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