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37 weeks and feeling nausea and having?

Hi there I am 37 weeks and 3 days. I have been experiencing labor symptoms for the last few weeks. The Braxton hicks have really been kicking my behind. Today I felt normal and no issues and tonight it literally just hit me out of nowhere like really bad diarrhea and nausea. I haven't had any blood, just losing mucus that's it. Like I made this awesome dinner for my son and husband and want nothing to do with it accept go to bed now. I am only 2cm right now and 80-90% effaced. I am just wondering is this normal? Just randomly feeling so ****** out of nowhere? I feel like when I am dealing with the contractions it feels close and then nothing. I am just so ready for this to be over. :(
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How are you?  Any progress on baby??
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Hi there ❤️
You’re so sweet to check up on me!
I just went in for my 38 week check up and the doctor mentioned he thinks I might need to be induced next week. He seems to think I’m not dilated but I’ve been told that I am so it’s just a bunch of hosh posh! Lol I just am nervous if they want me to go past 40 weeks! Ugh
How are you doing???
I had my first at 10 days past 40 weeks!  yikes!  Can they tell how big your baby is? I also had a baby induced,  that was a pretty nice way to do it too --  got to plan the day, got comfy, got an epidural (I'm a wimp) and had my baby by dinner! :))  Are you feeling okay?
I’m doing ok other than having normal contractions lol that aren’t “real” ha
The doctor never called me back to tell me if he wanted to induce me so, who knows at this point.

How are you doing?!
I'm doing good.  Muddling through life.
That's annoying your doctor didn't call you back!  You are so close. I liked being induced second time around because I could have a plan.  ha, I'm a planner.  And the not knowing kills me!  When do you go back to the doctor?
I completely get you on that life topic! Lol I go back on Tuesday and he had me do another glucose test,and non stress test. All of which are normal and so this is frustrating to me that these doctors are just meddling with me. He said he has me scheduled to be induced on the 24th, but I know nothing about the inducing part. I’m sure I can read myself to death on google but I don’t even know if I need it or if I should just let my body do it on its own
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Oh, such fun!!  Just keep telling yourself it is all for a good cause!  I have two boys---  so fun.  My sister is also 5 years older than me.    Did you have to have get all new things for baby or did you keep a lot of your stuff so you were pretty well set?  My boys are really close in age so I had to get all new for my second son just because other than the infant seat, my other one was still using all the baby gear.  ha!  

Anyway, you are WELL on your way.  Was your first early or on time or late?  That may be a clue as to what will happen with this one.  My babies both wanted to stay inside as long as possible no matter how uncomfortable I was.  lol
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You know I never really got rid of a lot of things only because everything was so sentimental to me and I couldn't part ways with a lot. This time around I had no problem getting used outfits from Goodwill and basic things. Not over the top this time around. I cant believe how expensive car seats are. WOW!!
Also my son was born 40 weeks to the day... So who knows about this one? I have to ask, since last night I have been having contractions nothing consistent of course, but I mentioned my Bowel movements were insane. Today I cant even pass anything, all it feels like is pressure lol and hurts!
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You are close, yay!!  I was very sick in the end for really the whole last month before I delivered with nausea.  I could hardly eat anything without feeling it.  The doctor said my baby was BIG and squishing my stomach.  Makes sense if you think about it.  As to diarrhea, definitely had that a couple of weeks before birth.  Like a cleaning out.  You are headed in the right direction.  It doesn't sound like labor yet but your body getting all ready!

Do you know if you are having a girl or a boy??  :>)
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Hi there :) I am having another boy! And my nausea definitely has not subsided! Feeling crampy and just overall icky all of a sudden :( my son now is 5 so it’s been a few years since I’ve done this and with him I experienced nothing and this pregnancy I’ve experienced everything. Haven’t thrown up yet but extreme nausea and everything else lol
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