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40 week 4 days....helpppppppppppp

pleaseeeeeeee, i need idea about what to do to help my baby come.....i want to start my labor....pleaseeeee, if she dont come from now to the 7 oct the will make c-section and i dont want....i have one before and that is why they dont want to induce me here.....please give me ideas how to help my baby gett start and avoid the cesaria.....pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
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Walk.walk. walk.  And sex!! I was exactly 40 weeks and 4 days when I had my son.  All did is walk and take warm baths.  Although it's annoying to here but nothing you do will work if baby isn't ready. Too.  I wish u luck and hope something happens son for your sake cause I know how your feeling at the moment.   Sending you lots of labor dust!!!:)
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Sex and walking helped me.  I also got on my hands and knees and cleaned the floors.  I took raspberry leaf tablets as well but I took them at about 35 weeks and had both of my children early.  Goodluck
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You could try raspberry leaf tea.  Avoid castor oil, it's dangerous to the baby.  Good luck!
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Sex is proven most effective. People also say get on your hands and knees and wash floors, do yardwork and such worked. My neighbor jokes with all of her kids she just had to defrost a large amount of frozen meat to cook and freeze meals for when baby comes. Never got to cook the meals and all the meat went to waste every time.  But I think that's just coincidence defrosting meat doesn't bring on labor it is just funny how it's worked out for her ;). Have lots of sex, semen ripens the cervix
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i am about to hit 40 weeks tomorrow i have started walking lots over the past few days and i have noticed a huge amount of pressure down there now so i think it is really helping and sex to even though it is uncomfortable.
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i have heard that pineaplle and induce labor try that
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If you can walk, then walk, if you are wobbling, then wobble.  sit on an exercise ball and rock and rock on it and TRY to have sex, everyone says that sex works, but it didn't help for me, it just made me hurt and feel weird doing it, I think walking is the best.
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evening primrose oil on your cervix. break open the capsules. its supposed to make you dilate. also walk like everyone else said. and sex. i used to have sex and then not get up the rest of the night so the sperm could sit and help soften my cervix haha gross i know. or ask if your OB will do a membrane sweep. i asked for one at 38 weeks and had my daughter the next day. it gives you a 50/50 shot of going into labor.
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Hi again, Well we went for a massive walk then had sex last night very uncomfortable but i want my bubba out aswell, had my docs apt this am and he did another membrane sweep and i have been getting contractions since so yes you should ask for one to be done, if i don't have my baby on my own today or tomorrow i am getting induced 7am thursday, goodluck to you dear.xoxo.
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hello there......thanks everybody for your advice.....i ready try most of all but not baby yet....tomorrow i have app with my doct.....let see what happend.....i want my baby out in my arm, not in my belly.....im sooo tired....i can't sleep anymore....i will let you know how it goes....by the way....i did have a sweet 7 day ago and nothing....here im still waiting to meet my little angel =)
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Try labour oil in your bath.  I used it (sounds a bit hokey) but I was in labour 4 hours after I used it! And, walk, walk , walk.  Also, try drinking raspberry leaf tea (as much as possible!)
Good luck!
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