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5 weeks pregnant but nothing shows up on u/s!?

So i went to the doctor this last monday and i expected to see something or even hear a heart beat!  But nothing was there, only the sack showed up on the u/s but nothing in there. The doctor said dont worry too much because sometimes you cant see anything yet, and that maybe my dates were off... i know my dates arent off! so at 5 weeks are you supposed to see something or a fuzzy something in sack already?
please help!
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5 weeks is too early to see anything. I don't know why docs do the ultrasounds so early. All they do is tend to cause more stress.
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This also happened to me...
I went at four weeks and a few days Dr couldn't see anything at all....
not even a sack (But I think baby is only cells at four weeks..)
He made me so worried but told me to come back in two weeks.
I did some searching on the net and many, many ppl who got u/s at five
weeks and were worried about seeing nothing... so it's not just us!
The good news is almost all of them said they saw the baby after two weeks!
I have three more days to wait...
Good luck to you!
Don't worry!
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Dates can easily be off. Even if you know when you ovulated implantation can take 7-12 days!
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ok thank you guys sooo much! i do feel a little bit better. i have my fingers crossed and im praying all day every day! i have my next u/s this monday and i will updated next week.
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I agree 5 weeks is too early to see anything,im sure in a week or so you will see alot more,i had to have regular early scans from 4 weeks on due to eptopic,so had make sure was in right place,only ever saw sac..congrats.
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so what happen on your u/s???

i go to mine today! im so anxious and scared!
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Dont be scared hun,im sure all will be well.all we saw on the 5 week scan was a black hole.somtimes depending on how exprienced the sonographer is,they can get up close and see more.but dont expect to much yet.let me know how you get on.at 6 weeks you may see a little grape looking thing inside.but relax.
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dont wory it happens to me also,i found nothing in 5th week.
in 6th week i foung g.sac.its so early to see anything
so relax
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I had my 2nd u/s yesterday @ 5weeks 6days and i saw the beating heart beat!!! im so excited and I feel so relived! Thank you guys =)
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Congrats! It's always wonderful to see that little heart beating away! :)
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I went back after two weeks and we saw the sac!
I was so happy... but of course still worried because sac could be empty...
I went again last week and I saw the baby and the heart!
The heartbeat is strong and the dr said everything looks great!
It was so nice to see. So for those of you waiting just be patient it will come!
Good luck!
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i found nothing in week 5 either! just a sac! it looked so empty and scared me so much but i had another ultrasound at 6 weeks and i saw a little baby and a heartbeat! so no worries!! your doc is right 5 weeks is too early to see something most of the time.
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i'm glad i joined this forum..this is my first pregnancy and i'm learning alot thru some of everyone's experiences.  When i had my u/s @ 5 weeks and 6 days, there was a sack there and a very small "thingy"  she said it was my baby and that he's the size of a sesame seed..is this correct?  and i also heard his (yes we all think its a boy) heartbeat of 128bpm...is the timing correct on that?
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