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A odd feeling.....

Okay, so I am trying to get pregnant - and I'm 5dpo - almost 6dpo in a min. (at midnight) or so.  I also know that you can't feel symptoms so soon because baby doesn't implant for a few more days or something, but I have been at work (my other escape from thinking about pregnancy and whatnot) and have been having this feeling like I have butterflies in my stomach - you know like that feeling you get when your nervous or something, not actually moving, but like a fluttery light feeling - like when your driving down a hill and you get that odd twinge in your stomach.....only its my lower abdomen.  I'm not nervous - I have nothing to be nervous about since I'm just sitting here eating chips and relaxing from a hard day at work..  Has anyone felt this?  What could it mean?
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Physically, there is nothing inside you yet that could flutter. Maybe you have gas? Only usually you wouldn't be paying quite so much attention to that area of your body...
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Wow, I don't recall saying that SOMETHING was fluttering in me - wow, people don't read before they respond - I said it was a feeling that was there - and yes actually i am very aware of my body no matter what part or for what reason!!!!!

I never get any responses to ANY of my questions or concerns EVER and when I do it's something like that!!!!  From someone who doesn't READ carefully - just forget I said anything, I refuse to be commenting much more on this forum them!  
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just so you know i had the same thing when i had my first girl her father and i did the dead and after i went to lay down and have a sleep.
i woke up half way through my sleep and had the same feeling i remember thing oh my god im pregnant and a week and a half later i found out as i ov a week before my period.
So dont feel silly because i know what you mean.
And for the record when i went for my u/s they day i felt the fluttering feeling was the day i fell pregnant.
so good luck    
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I have been feeling the fluttering too sometimes the fluttering is light and then sometimes it comes on strong.  I have my anual tomorrow so I guess we will see.  Hope everything turns out how you want it.

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i had a funny feeling 2 days after i conceived this time that i had so maybe.
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Annie, just for the record, I don't think Atlantisea was trying to be rude and I don't think she misread your question.  You said you were trying to get pregnant, felt a flutter almost 6 dpo, and what could it be basically......She simply said that it wouldn't be anything baby related yet.  She suggested gas, which some women do experience more of during pregnancy.  But you are right in that the baby normally implants 6-10 dpo and once that happens, that is what causes any symptoms to begin.

I am on my 6th pregnancy and have never felt anything that early.  This pregnancy is the first one I have done on purpose, so it's the first time I have paid attention to my body before my period was due.  The only things I really noticed was an increase in CM.  Not tons, but I would have some like every other day, which is not normal for me post ovulation.  I also have very vivid dreams.  I don't normally remember my dreams much unless they are really bad.  But I was remembering my dreams every night very clearly and they were weird dreams.  Strange....  Those are the only things I noticed before AF was due.

If you don't get it this time around, you may want to try BBT charting.  I did it for a year to avoid pregnancy.  It worked very well.  That also made getting pregnant fast pretty easy because I knew exactly what was going on with my body.  BBT charting takes the guess work out of it.

Good luck!
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