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Baby Beats Fetal Heart Monitor

Just wanted to know if anyone else has ever rented a fetal heart monitor...specifically from Babybeat.com? They look pretty interesting and the testimonials are exceptional....? Any advice would be helpful
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I would purchase one instead of renting. I bought mine on eBay for $35 and you can get ones on amazon for around $60.

I would suggest that you get one where the wand isn't attached to the display screen. I couldn't  read the heart rate and have it touching my stomach at the same time it was a little annoying.  

It was well worth the investment and used regularly during the first trimester and first part of second trimester.  
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What brand did you buy Britt?
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I bought a BABY SOUND FETAL DOPPLER.  I would not recommend this model. It was great at finding the heartbeat, but a few flaws

Two main concerns

1. the headphone jack didn't work right. I had to constantly move the plug around to get a good conection.

2. I had to remove it from my stomach and look at the screen really quick to see the heart rate while it was dropping because it wasn't picking up the rate anymore.

I wish I had spent a little more and went with the Sonoline B on amazon it goes for about $75 you can find it cheaper on ebay.

The SONOLINE has a speaker so no headphones required. You can choose weather it reads actual beats or if it averages beats per minute. I went on amazon and read a few reviews and watched video reviews on this product and I wish I had bought this one.  

There are a few other ladies on this board that have heart monitors and hopefully they also will respond to you.
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i also purchased one instead of renting it....i have to say it really has kept me calm in between appts and feeling the baby move...i paid $60 for mine on amazon and got a sonoline (i think thats the name)....im very happy with doppler and the money was well worth it
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ok so i found one on ebay for 79.95 its a sonoline B; but they require a doctor's prescription? is this normal
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I bought BABY SOUND A FETAL DOPPLER on ebay. I read reviews first and people said spending more on Sound B (Heart rate LCD) isn't worth it. People have said it doesn't work well.  
However from what I read it works fine for hearing the heartbeat. I didn't care to pay 20$ more for the LCD screen. I can get the heartbeat on ultrasound, I just want to hear it at home and not just on visits.

I can give you more info on it when it comes in and I try it. The Angelsounds one is also about $35. I went with Sound A based on reviews.

This one was a good one. Theres also alot of related videos you can watch.

it convinced me.
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prescription? on Ebay?
That is really weird.
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No u don't need a script. Amazon's prices have gone up from around $65 to $72 I wouldn't pay more than that on eBay I found one last night for $50 with free shipping.
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i have the sonoline B and did not use a prescriptions...im very happy with the doppler and paid $60 for it on amazon
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions and elixis yes please let me know!
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I used babybeat and I am happy with it.  I purchased one of those amplifer ones from the baby store - but you can't really hear anything until later in pregnancy. This has given me peace of mind and I was happy with it... you just reminded me that I need to send it back.... THanks
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Just an update...bought a Sonoline B from Amazon for 65.00 and got in mail today! Works amazing!!! 11 weeks and heard a strong heartbeat of 148-153!!!
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Yay!! Yeah mine I was hearing last week at 11 weeks, just tried it again and it was even louder!! Its so great to have one so you can listen to the little thing.

Now all they need to do is to invent some cheap ultrasound device we can hook to the computer and do ultrasounds from home. Wouldn't that be great?
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That would be greatttt  but our poor ob's though would be getting calls all the time haha!
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I just got an AngelSound and it picks up the heartbeat really good and only cost $25.00.
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