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Bulging vein in leg, normal?!?

I noticed over the past few days I have one pretty long vein in my upper thigh that sticks out, not much, but you can feel it from touching my thigh, you can see the blue in it, but it's not deep purple, like the classic "varicose vein" just one pretty long, thick vein sticking out...is that normal or something I should mention to my doctor? I'm kind of worried about it being something more serious!
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I have one behind my knee and it almost buldges out a little and feels like a bruise, I think its just a varicose vein :/ I did read that pregnant people are at a high risk to develop them due to the massive increase in blood volume, and that most will go away after the birth.

What are your concerns about the vein? Since Im a nurse, my first thought was oh crap, hopefully its not a DVT!! If that is your concern also, there are signs that could indicate you have a clot somewhere along the vein (typically clots will be behind the knee in leg veins). If you notice your affected leg is red, swollen and tender then I would definitely call the doctor.

I have an appointment tomorrow and plan on mentioning my vein issue, but I am pretty sure its just what it looks like, a wonderful varicose vein. I never got them with my other pregnancies so this is new territory for me.

The only other thing I can think about at the moment that would cause a vein to protrude would be phelbitis, or inflammation of the vein, and that really doesnt sound like whats going on with you.

Good luck! It will probably go away after birth *hopefully* =)
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Hey there,
i just want to say dnp47 that was a wonderful post! thank you!
I agree, I would show it to the doctor. At least just so they are updated on whats going on with your body.
I also have heard, if it doesn't go away after the baby, that apple cider vinegar (with the mother in it) can be applied to the area to help varicose veins. I haven't had any to see if it works yet on myself but if you are curious to try its an idea to look up and try.
Hope its nothing serious
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Yes, thank you so much dnp47!! That is EXACTLY what I was worried about, haha!! DVT, it's a really thick, long vein in the front of my thigh, doesn't really look like a varicose vein, almost just like the veins that run through your breasts, just a little more bulged, if you know what I mean. I have no pain or swelling, just concerned me, since it's the only vein that's doing it!!
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