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Can you chop a prenatal vitamin into pieces and put into applesauce?

Im 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and lately im having trouble swollowing my prenatal vitamins. (i sometimes have problems swollowing pills anyways) I was wondering if its ok to chop the up and put them into applesauce or yogart? Theres no line on it for cutting it but its not a big pill (my gag reflux has been bad)  i posted earlier but there was only one response so i was wanting a few more responses to know for sure.
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Not sure. I don't see why it would be a problem. Just don't cut your finger off!
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i tried that although i dont know if it was the right thing to do but it was horrible blah!!! but you can ask your dr for a chewable which i'm sure is nasty too lol but not sure about the crushing thing but i am sure that it made my nausea worse ...ewww   :)

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Flintstones vitamins aren't that bad, so go by you some of those and u can chew them up without gagging, they are just as good as prenatals because i was unable to take prenatals!
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Oh, there are also sugar-coated prenatals that taste better. I think you need a prescrip for it though!
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I personally think it should be fine. You might also want to ask your doctor to get you chewables or if he would recommend taking flintstone vitamins (2 a day).
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i have to take the  chewable flintstone vitamins through all of my  pregnancies  cause the prenatals actually made me  ill  my doc and  midwife  says it is ok  as long as i am  gettting a multi vitamin withthe   similar contents to the  prenatals then it  should be fine.  I have two healthy kids and  one on the  way   and it is has worked for me so far
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just be careful as some tablets are made for slow release and can not be cut up, as they are made so the body absorbs them at even doses.
i would check with your doctor before hand , your doc may be able to get you a liquid form or a chewable tablet.
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As far as I heard ( I don't know 100%) the prenatal vitamin are not suppost to be taken with food. Because you won't be getting all the vitamins from the pill if you take it with food. I guess maybe it depends on the brand though???
I heard it is suppost to be taken with either water or juice (100% juice).
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Ok found this:

My Prenatal Vitamin Makes Me Nauseous, What Should I Do?
Some prenatal vitamins can cause nausea in an already nauseous pregnant woman. If your prenatal vitamins make you sick, talk to your health care provider. He or she may be able to prescribe a different kind of prenatal vitamin (for example, chewable or liquid vitamins as opposed to those you swallow whole may be better tolerated by some women).

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You might have tried this already but my boyfriend has trouble swallowing pills and I told him to tilt his head forward as he swallowed and he can do it now. No need to bend forward, just move your head and use water as well but it seems to cut out the gag reflex.
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When i tilt my head forward it comes out of my mouth lol I think ive always had this thing about choking on pills since i was little. So it takes a few tries. Mine actually doesnt make me too nauseas. Makes my stomache kinda full and heay but it has ginger in it and its cheap! Life Fitness PreNatal Vitamin. I think im just going to try and bear it out. When i chopped it up that one night made me sick to my stomache. The flinstones idea sounds good too i use to love those as a kid! I laso eat 2 cups of cereal with milk a day it had folic acid and everything in a vitamin in it.  Cause i sometimes miss some days when im feeling really bad, Thanks for all the advice! It really helped.
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i could not take prenatal vitamins bc they made me sick and were huge so my doc told me to take chewable flinstones
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o yea but if you take flinstone vitamins my doc told me to make sure it was the MULTIPURPOSE vitamin
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if you cant take pills, there is a liquid form of prenatals available at most health food stores!
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Yeah i don't know if that would harm any.  I'd assume not because it's going down the same way.  Me personally I could never stand them for one they're too big and for two they tasted horrible when they got stuck in your throught.  I never took the perscriptions they gave me.  I always told my obgyn that I didn't want that that I was going to go out and buy the flinstones.  But make sure you're takeing two of them a day that's what my obgyn had told me it works way better.  It ***** that you have to buy them.  Some docs actually give out perscriptions for the big flinstones just ask your obgyn
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My doc OK-ed Flinstones.  He said to take 3 a day for the folic acid OR 2 a day plus a folid acid supplement.  I tolerate the chewable GUMMIE ones better than the traditional chewables.
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I think i might get some flinstone ones. These vitamins i have are great! and even have ginger but i just have a hard time swollowing them and gets frustrating, ive already missed quite a few days. I try to eat at least 2 or 3 bowels of cereal that have folic and other essentials with fruits and veggies. But i dont feel like its enough. I still eat and crave a bunch of junk food lol
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yes you can, chop up your your pills and vitamin i had contact of my doctor and i asked and they said yes
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with my other pregnancies i had to use Flintstones 2x a day it worked and then with this pregnancy i did the Flintstones thing till my 10 weeks then went to regular prenatal pills it seems to be working so far  
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i crush mine up on a spoon then put it in the mouth and take a large drink to wash it down, i have never been able to swallow pills that large.
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