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Can you get PPD this late? (Long)

Our son will be 1 year old, next weekend...WOW time flys!
I started to feel down at the end of October, right after I stopped nursing. I figured it was just lack of confidence because I couldn't keep up with him anymore.
I found out I was pregnant, with triplets, in November. (I had my tubes tied in January). That changed my attitude, a lot. I started to feel better and thought it was just...nothing. 4 weeks later, I miscarried one of the babies. That was hard but I stayed strong for the other 2 inside of me, I knew I had too. 3 1/2 weeks later, I lost the other 2. (begining of second trimester).
That is when my mood changed and I have not been able to shake this feeling. I don't know if it is PPD or just the Baby Blues from loosing the triplets in December...
I am always tired. Sleeping 10-14 hours a day. Not waking with the baby (luckly I've got a great hubby who does get up with them in the AM). Not wanting to eat regular food. Only wanting chips and drinking a lot of water. Extra grouchy. Not interested in helping the kids play new games. Not wanting to have school (I home school 4 and have 2 little ones). Not wanting to go outside. Not wanting to do much of anything. Just feeling blah...
I can't go back to my OB because he was the one who tied my tubes and didn't believe me I was pregnant again. Went to ER to confirm it. Then when I bleed (during the first miscarriage) he wouldn't get me in for an appointment. Told me to go to ER or wait 2 weeks for my next appt...
This is the only thing I can't talk to my hubby about. He is great but he doesn't believe in depression. (I don't even know if that is what it is...) I had depression before we met, but I always thought it was because of my previous lifestyle. I have a great life now, just not sure what to do.
Thank-you for any help!!!
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I think it is depression, especially if you've had a history of it before! I'm so sorry about your triplets. You've gone through a big loss and I think that could send anyone into a downfall. Talk to a different doctor and see what they say. I hope you start to feel better soon and hopefully your hubby will be understanding.
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I didn't think it was PPD because it has been so long...but not sure if it was depression or just baby blues from the loss.
I have an apointment for next week with a different OB to get complete lab work done and for a possible referal.
Again, thank-you
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No problem hun! I hope everything turns out better soon and you start feeling like yourself again! Good luck!
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