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Did I really gain that much weight?

When I went to the doctor last month I was 302 and this month when I stepped on the scale I was 335. I am having a hard time believing that I gained that much weight. I have been losing weight every month, so I am really happy that I gained weight. I did go from being a vegan to a vegetarian because of all of the intense meat cravings that would not go away. I know that I might not be seeing the weight gain because I was already obese. I have been weighed by the same scale every month. I did have my boot on that I have to wear because of a fracture, but I always have my boot on when I get weighed. It just does not seem real that I gained 33 pounds in a month.
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I thought I'd reach out regarding weight gain during pregnancy.  There is no set number as each individual mom to be is going to be different.  Work with your doctor to determine how much weight gain would be appropriate for you.  When you begin a pregnancy heavier, it is often a lower number that they expect a woman to gain.  But again, eating healthy is most important. Here is an article you may find helpful: https://www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Managing-Weight-Gain-During-Pregnancy/2201
We wish you the best in your pregnancy.
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Okay, got it.  Sometimes depending on the weight pre pregnancy, some women do not gain any weight at all their entire pregnancy and actually lose weight (without trying).  And if you do end up gaining weight when starting as overweight during pregnancy, I think the gain is supposed to be in the range of 15 to 25 pounds total the entire pregnancy.  You've been through a lot of trauma and anxiety and some of your craving and eating may be related to that as well.  I'd watch it from now on.  Don't try to gain anymore.  You probably really don't have to increase caloric intake for baby.  And the problem with weight gain is losing it after.  I did gain weight during my pregnancy and a lot, BUT . . . I had a hard time taking it back off.  So, it will be easier on you if you keep that in check even if they don't find an underlying reason for it.  Glad you don't have pitting or pre eclampsia or bloating!  Keep us in the know!  I know I certainly enjoyed my pregnancy from the eating aspect!  :)))
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I know that I do not need to gain a lot more weight, so I guess I need to try to be a little more careful with my eating habits. You always make me feel better when you answer my questions. Thanks for everything. :)
My pleasure!  Hang in there sweetie.  Remind me how far along you are now?
I am almost 5 1/2 months pregnant.
I just noticed some ankle swelling. :/
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Hello, it's fun to watch pregnancy progress except for this part of it.  LOL.  I would say, and your doctor can tell you for sure, that this is actually a big weight gain in one months time. I'm sure they checked your urine for protein to make sure all is well there.  And have you had the gestational diabetes test?  Are you retaining water, bloated?  Like if you press a finger into your calf does it stay indented? What did your doctor say about the weight gain?  I gained a fair amount during my pregnancy also but not all at once like that.  I would never beat up on a woman who gains during pregnancy but with that significant change, I'd also want to know if there was an underlying reason.
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It is a very big weight gain in a month. My doctor did not say anything to me about my weight gain. I have been eating a lot of cheese, eggs, butter, etc. I was trying to put on weight, but I was not trying to put on that much. Like I said, I am happy that I gained weight. They are going to do the gestational diabetes test next month. They did not take a urine sample. I pressed into my calf and did not notice an indent.
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