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Do you ovulate while on the pill?

I know this is probably a dumb question.. but I am on ortho lo and have been for about 5 months... i have a pretty consistent 25-26 day cycle... now am i ovulating while on the pill ?
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You are not supossed to ovulate while on the pill, I don't really remember how the BC pills work but you shouldn't ovulate.  Some women however if I remember correctly will ovulate on the sugar pill days or if the dose is too low for them then they'll ovulate anyway....
I'm sorry that I don't remember well, but it should prevent you from ovulating.
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I am pretty sure you do not ovulate whilst on the pill as this is what stops you gettig pregnant. when you stop taking the pill sometimes you do not know when you ovulated as it can delay it!!
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Preventing ovulation is how the birth control pill is supposed to work.  It prevents the release of an egg.  If you are ovulating and taking your pills as directed then you either have a resistance to that particular pill or the doseage isn't right for you. I would def. bring it up to your doctor.
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You can ABSOLUTLEY Ovulate on the pill, but pill companies do not tell you this. That is why there is 3 ways you don't get prego when on the pill. You get what is called break through ovulation, it may be a small chance, but yes you can ovulate, the bad part about it, is if you do ovualte and do get prego like i did, what happends is the other things that are in the pill as a back up if you do ovulate wind up makin you miscarry. Or having a chemical pregnancy. Meaning the preg didnt really take. So between the occasional break through ovulation, that they pill companies do not tell you about and you messing up your pill, there is a good chance you can get prego. Let me see if i can copy and paste some info for you, because im prb not explaining it the best. But every girl out there if they are going to take the pill should know how it works. See a long time ago the pills were made very strong, and people were getting sick so they lowered the dose, but that also lowered the effectiveness of the pill, so people were getting preg, then they had to do other things to the pill to make it more effective and one of those things are what they call a Abortive means, meaning if you get prego that you will miscarrie before you even get realise, you would get what you think was your real period a few days, late, when in reality it is a early mc. Let me see what i can find for you. Ps dr are not likely to tell you this, because they def want you to take your pills they get paid to write the scripts, im not against the pill, i was on it for ten yrs, but you should def not mess up your pill and know how it works.
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Contraceptive pills contain, in differing dosages to be taken in different combinations during the month, two synthetic female hormones.  They contain estrogen and the second hormone, progesterone.  Sometimes that’s called the “pregnancy hormone.”  This hormone is normally formed in a woman’s body in the second half of her monthly cycle.  Its function is to prepare the lining of the womb for the nesting of the new human, if fertilization has occurred that month, and it is the withdrawal of this second hormone at the end of the month, if there is no pregnancy, that produces the sloughing of the lining of the womb and its passage from her body, a process called “menstruation.”  Contraceptive pills used today contain varying percentages and dosages of these two hormones.  The pills are usually taken three weeks out of a four-week month.

How do these pills work?  They basically have three effects.  The first effect is the thickening of the mucous plug at the opening of the cervix, the mouth of the womb.  This provides something of a natural barrier to the passage of sperm into the womb.  This is a contraceptive function, as it prevents the union of sperm and egg.

There’s a second effect, which usually is the primary effect, and that is the suppression of ovulation.  A projected ovulation is simply blocked and does not occur.  The sperm may well be deposited in her female tract; they may swim through her tubes and out to the ovaries, but if there is no egg to fertilize, then we have a primary effect, an action technically called “temporary sterilization”—or, in more common, but less accurate language, “contraception.”

There is a third effect of the contraceptive pill.  This effect is on the lining of the womb.  What this does is to harden the lining of the womb—we say, make it hostile to implantation to this one-week-old embryo.  If this is the function that prevents “pregnancy” that month, then it is implantation that is prevented.  And this implantation, if prevented, kills a tiny one-week-old baby.

So the widely used contraceptive pills have three functions, any one of which is said to “prevent” pregnancy.  Only two of the functions, however, actually do prevent pregnancy:  (1) the barrier mechanism of the mucous plug at the cervix, (2) the suppression of ovulation.  The third function, however, does not really prevent pregnancy, but rather produces a micro-abortion at one week of life.

The original contraceptive pills, 30 years ago, contained a high dose of the hormone estrogen.  Because of this, almost 100% of their effect was to suppress ovulation.  But there were side effects from this high estrogen content, and that was primarily the substantial risk of blood clots.  If these broke loose and went to the heart, lung or brain, they were very dangerous, and sometimes fatal, even for young women.

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To make it easier to understand women assume they do not ovulate on the pill because they never get preg, but this is not true, because really only two ways are preventative and the 3rd componet is a abortive means, resulting in you not getting preg, so if getting preg is all you care about then, most likely if you take your pill every day you will not get prego, but not because you were not ovulating but because if you were you prb wouldnt know and if you got preg you would loss the baby in what you thought was a period, and it was really a chemical pregnanc, i know it is confusing i only know cause i had one, and did some reasearch, girls do not realise the the harm in messing up your pill isnt just that you could get preg, but that you can get preg and loss the baby because of what is in the pill makes you mc early!!! Hope this helps!! I only new i was prego cause i took a really really early preg test cause i didnt get a period, if i had a normal period i would not have even known the diff! Good luck
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