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Does HPV affect your Cervix in natural birth?

Does natural birth affects cervix or any cervical injury in women who have been texted with hpv in the past
or does it represent any other problems that I need to know
Thank you.
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Hi, welcome.  How far along are you?  HPV is not uncommon.  I'm glad they have a vaccine now but wish they did years ago (when I was a teen).  Anyway, I've read that in terms of ongoing management of it, just get your annual paps to make sure you don't have bnormal cells or anything they need to take care of (freeze off) as the risk of cervical cancer goes up.  Your doctor will guide you for the actual birth but I agree with auntiejessi that issues with your cervix regarding HPV won't worsen due to natural child birth.  Congrats again and glad you are here to talk to us!
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Hi - did you mean to say infected with HPV in the past? Or does that mean something else? Maybe treated? I just want to clarify to make sure I answer your question correctly. :)

If you meant you had it in the past, how long ago was it? If it's been more than 2 years, and you've had normal pap smears since, there's nothing to worry about, with pregnancy or anything else. Most of the time, the virus clears itself from the body within 2 years.

If you currently have it, you really don't have much to worry about either. The chances of transmitting it to the baby are slim, and if that happens, the baby will clear it like you did.

The only real concern is if during delivery, a woman has genital warts that are large enough to block the baby from coming out. If a woman has genital warts, she'll be monitored during her pregnancy, and if needed, the warts will be removed.

If you've had some kind of treatment, chances are good that there aren't any issues with you getting pregnant or staying pregnant, but without knowing what you had done, I can't answer that for sure.

HPV is considered an inevitability of being sexually active now. About 90% of those sexually active will get HPV at least once in their lifetimes, and many won't ever know it because most strains don't present with symptoms.

Let me know if I didn't answer your questions, or if you have more. :)

This is a pretty decent article about it - https://www.webmd.com/sexual-conditions/hpv-pregnancy#1

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thank you for your response  but what about my cervix can it be any complication to my cervix walls after I give birth what about my second pregnancy will it be affected i was infected with HPV in the past when I got tested it said i had been affected with HPV in the past but i didnt have any of the symptoms
How long ago did you test positive? Have you had any abnormal pap smears?

The only issue for your cervix with HPV is if it causes any cell changes on your cervix. Getting pap smears when directed to by your doctor will determine if that's happened.

Pregnancy and HPV won't cause any additional or different damage to your cervix that wouldn't happen if you weren't pregnant.

There is no test that says you had HPV in the past. Do you mean herpes, which is hsv, or HPV, as in human papiloma virus? Can you call your doctor and ask what the test was exactly and what the exact results were, or better, get a copy of them and post those results here?

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