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Does late ovulation mean late period?

Alright...I realize that my question will probably be answered by full force AF later today...but at this point by posting at least I feel like I'm DOING something about it!  LOL!

My LMP was July 19th.  According to my OPK, I got my surge on 8/4.  That is CD16 (2 days later than "normal").  Does this mean my period would start two days later than normal?  8/16 is 28 days...so would I expect to get my period on 8/18?

The reason I ask all of this is because I am 10DPO and had some light brown blood tinge when I wiped earlier.  I put in a tampon just to see more closely and it had a little bit of pink on it.  I have never experienced implantation bleeding so I don't know what to look for.  This VERY WELL could be the start of AF...but it would be CD26 and I was expecting my period to be LATE (CD28 or later!) this time because I ovulated late.

What do you think?

*sigh*...are you all confused yet??  LOL!

BTW - Sorry if I'm not using all the acronyms correctly!  :)
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women typically begin menstruation 12-14 days after ovulation...some a little earlier, some a little later.  so, i am thinking since you ovulated late, you can probably expect your period a little later than usual.  incase you are pregnant, i would use a panty liner instead till you know for sure as i have heard tampons can cause infection??  not sure if it's true, but i have read that...  implantation usually occurs 6-10 days after ovulation so that is definitely a possibility.  mine was at 7dpo and just a tiny bit of brown spotting when i wiped.  they say that after implantation, you should wait 2-5 days to test so there is enough hcg to result in a positive if you are pregnant.  i didn't get my positive till about 5 days after implantation...12 dpo.  if your spotting continues but doesn't feel like a real period, take a hpt in a week.  i hope this helps!  good luck to you!  :-)
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To my knowledge late ovulation does cause late period.  Typically women start AF 14 days after ovulation.  (i.e. ovulate on day 14 AF comes after day 28).  I always ovulated late and AF would come precisely 14 days after ovulation (ovualted on day 28, AF came on day 42) HTH
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Thanks ladies for your input!  This will probably be like everything else is my life and I will fall OUTSIDE of the statistic!  LOL!  With the late ovulation, I should NOT be starting AF today...but time will tell.  The intensity of it hasn't picked up yet...but the blood I am noticing is more red than I've heard implantation should be.  *sigh*...maybe next month!
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YES i would say it does!! I used to think it was my body playing mean tricks on me but from being here and getting a TTC buddy to help figure the charts out i know its all ovulation's fault!! Whatever day you O'ed on add that plus 14 days and thats your new day go by! i did that when i o'ed late (CD17) and it was right on track i started on exactly the new date!
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Thanks!  Still not full force AF.  If I don't have my period tomorrow morning I'll probably test out of a last ditch effort.  Still clinging to small hope that it's just implantation bleeding.  :)  
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