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Due Date

Well I haven't been on here in awhile for personal reasons and just wanted to come and say HEY! Today is my estimated due date. Little guy is hanging out, chilling, enjoying the womb. I, however, am ready to hold him!!! He'll be here before I know it. Just hoping the "before I know it" part is sooner rather than later, ha ha!

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Hopefully it will be sooner than later for you.  I have always gone to or past my due date.  Do you feel like labor might start soon?  Here's hoping for a quick and safe delivery!  Good luck with your little man!
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Nope, not really. Having some BH contractions tonight that are painless and I've been having them for weeks, even months (inconsistent and irregular, of course). No discharge, no bloody show, no mucous plug. But he IS low and I can feel his head on my cervix at times. So who knows?! Labor can happen in a snap of the fingers so... it'll happen. LOL! He's got to some out at some point. Very, very eager here!
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I bet you are, I hate the waiting game, especially when it seems like everyone around me has already had there babies.
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LOL! I hear you! My sister had two friends have babies yesterday. She told me it was my turn now... no pressure!
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YAY for due date, BOO for no labor yet...I know you've had three already, but with Aubyrana I was having, or THOUGHT I was having BH every 7 min for an hour, walked around the store for an hour and they were about every 5-7 min, went and got checked out at 11 at night just to see...and I as 4 cm, went home because my contractions were inconsistent, and started feeling like I was being stabbed in the cervix with every contraction after getting checked, which hurt...the next morning I was back at 830 that morning I was 6-7, admitted, and had her at 546 that night...so long story short, I hope you BH get regular and you have that little boy soon!
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Glad to see you again! No fun that there's no labour yet, but you're at the end now and you know he can't stay in there forever. :) Hopefully your BH will change soon and you'll be able to hold him before too long.
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Yay! Sorry lil man is still hanging out. Mine came a week ago today!
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you will be all fine. my prayers are with you. n cant wait to see your lil guy:)
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i cant believe he is due already....it went so quickly!!! have you all picked a name out for him?

cant wait to hear of your birth story.....boys have a tendacy to be late (something they never grow out of :) )
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You're all so great! He's still not budging but we went on a very, very long and hilly walk tonight and now I'm having contractions. They're still sporadic but at least they're not letting up when I change position or go pee or whatever. And I finally had some mucous (haven't had any since the first trimester) after the walk but I didn't inspect it; I think it may have been the plug. I definitely feel pressure and I feel a stabbing pain in my cervix during contractions. Never thought I'd say YAY to that, ha ha!

My cousin and his fiancee had their daughter today... and my husband's cousin had her son today! Both were due in Oct so their kiddos came early, oy! Makes me impatient but I know he'll come out at some point. We're at the end of the line!
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