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EXTREME ITCH AHH. (warning, tmi)

hey girls so this might be tmi but i have a question..i dont think this is pregnancy related because ive had it for a long time now..but every once in awhile i'll have EXTREME itch all around & even in my vagina...no amount of scratching will relieve it. most of the time i have to lay still and keep my mind on something else for it to go away, scratching almost seems to make it worse. and sometimes so much so that i am raw and sore from it. but i dont have any other symptoms, no difference in discharge etc...what could this be? do you think its just from soaps i use or something? im always using something different..so maybe that could do it? i dont think its a yeast infection but i guess i could be wrong. sometimes it'll last for several days and wont show again for a few months or sometimes ill only get a few days relief before it pops back up again..ive tried vagisil and monistat anti itch stuff..neither seems to help too much. any advice would be appreciated & again sorry for tmi!!
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it sounds like it could be clymidia!
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ive been tested for everything..clear pap smear. :)
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Is it only when u are pregnant or all the time? Increased itching in pregnancy is actually very common due to the PH levels changing and the increase in discharge. What often happens is you are never actually dry down there so whatever u have irritated by scratching remains moist and it is quite difficult to clear up.  Try using some baby diaper rash ointment. It actually does help
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I agree with Quinns ... try extra stregnth A&D ointment or cream after you get out of the shower and/or before bed. the same exact thing happens to me and I am also disease-free. If you are "raw" enough (i know just how bad it can be), it might take multiple applications to improve but it WILL help. I do have a list of things NOT to do ... lol
don't use anti itch creams - The word "OUCH" doesn't even begin to cover that one ...
don't use anti fungal creams - I only tried it because I heard that you can get yeast itch on the outside without discharge ... it freaking hurt and didn't do anything but i cried from how much it burned. Baby powder helps a little, if you can get some without perfumes and with aloe or vitamin E. And it could be aggravated by your soap, so try a simple change like Dial bar soap (it's antibacterial and it's for sensitive skin) for washing down there. I feel bad for you but trust me you CAN make it calm down or even go away ... just keep at it! good luck!
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If youve had it before pregnancy then sounds to me like youre having an allergic reaction to either the body soap you're using or laundry liquid/powder. I'd change to something more
natural for both. There are Eco friendly
products now sold in supermarkets which are classed as natural. I rememer years ago I had a problem with a certain brand of laundry power and I was itching all over... Feet were burning etc. It was nasty. But start the elimination process to get down to the cause. Good luck!
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This has happened to me before, and really all it seemed to take was to use a warm washcloth in that area for a couple days and the itchiness went away.  It could be the different soaps you're using too ... like others have mentioned, I would try switching to a "permanent" soap that doesn't irritate you down there.  If that, or the suggestions of diaper rash cream, doesn't help ... I'd see your doctor to see if there's anything he/she can do to help!
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oh and to add to my last post.. I had to rewash all my clothes, bedding, have a shower to wash any excess irritant off of me and get into clothes that were washed in something else. I would start with changing body soaps and see if that helps.. Then the laundry soap if the other wasnt an issue. I'd only see the doctor as a last resort. All they'll probably do is give you some sort of cream to use and really by them doing that it is only masking the problem rather than solving it.
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