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Experiences with procardia

I posted my exciting day the other day on the Feb forum and a little in my journal. To make a long story short I started contracting and spent the day in Labor & delivery. I am 1cm dilated but my preterm labor swab came back negative (thankfully). After getting re-hydrated which didn't stop them they gave me an injection of trabutalyne (sp) which also didn't work. They finally gave me procardia which did the trick. I was sent home with a prescription for it to take every four hours (even while sleeping - fun). I also received the steroid injections to help the babies lungs mature. They told me the steroids are good for two weeks and I was just wondering what some peoples experiences with all that where. Ash told me she stopped taking the meds at 34w5d and she had her baby two days later. Is that kinda of the norm or is there a chance I could keep them in there for quite sometime after that. We are almost 31 weeks (sunday) and I have one refill on the medicine which should carry us into the 34 week mark. Also with the steroids will they redo the injection if it goes beyond two weeks or do they feel at 34 weeks it wouldn't be as neccessary as it would be at 30 weeks and change. Just curious if anyone has any insight. Thanks as always ladies.
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They don't redo the injections.  It speeds up the process of the lungs by two weeks, so you being 31 weeks now, it'll speed them up to 33, and they they develop faster.  That's the way they explained it to me.  They make sure to ESPECIALLY give them with boys, because their lungs don't develop as fast as girls.  They will likely be spending some time in the NICU, like a few days or a week.  Which is to make sure their breathing fine, and can hold their own body temps.  As your going through that entire process, ASK all the questions you can to learn about it!  It'll help calm you some, and keep your mind at ease about your babies being in there!  They have their own nurse who is there 24 hours a day!  

The procardia,they told me, that to stay pretty much laying down unless you absolutely have to go somewhere like  the doctors, or family gatherings  But even then at family gatherings if you can to lay down for 30 mins every 2 hours.  This helps keep the pressure off your cervix, so you don't dialate more.  I was told when I was on it, to not move around except to make food, or go to the bathroom and was allowed a 10 min shower a day!  And being that uncomfortable, I went one day washing my hair (not like I was going anywhere lol) next day washing my body, the next day shaving, and then that process every 3 days.  But I also couldn't sit up for the life of me, because of how low my son was sitting.  So I had to eat laying down and got heartburn, they told me to take pepcid AC worked wonders!  Like I said in my message to you, when my prescription ran up, they told me I could get up and move around again as long as I was comfortable, so I went crazy cleaning because I spent a month laying down..  That may be why I went into labor.  =)

If you start feeling contractions again while taking the procardia, then call your doctor immediately so they can try another med, if anything they can do magnesium sulfate, which will require you to stay in the hospital, but will get you to 34 weeks or more!  =)
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okay thanks
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I've just been prescribed procardia and we are 31 wks. It's the first medication that my dr. has tried but I've been having contractions since about 20 wks. I've had to visit the L/D unit four times but each time, my labor was easily stopped with Stadol and Phenergan, only to return a few days later. The contractions would be spuratic for a week or so and then become closer and more intense until I once again had to visit the hospital. My question is this...I have always had low blood pressure and if this drug is used to lower blood pressure (by relaxing the smooth muscle tissue which would be the heart and uterus) then couldn't this be dangerous for me to take? I asked my pharmacist and he said that I should just "keep an eye on my bp while taking the med." Also, with what I've researched, I've found that it could potentially be harmful to my baby, even causing birth defects. I realize that sometimes you have to go with the lesser of the two evils, but I don't feel like I'm in any way about to deliver. I have the fetal fibronectin test done every two weeks and it remains negative. So am I causing myself and my baby more grief and danger by considering this medication? If anyone has any ideas on this matter, please respond. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and desperate.
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