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Extremely faint positive pregnancy tests!

Hi everyone,
Im having an absolute nightmare and really hope someone can put my mind at rest!
So im now 7 days late for my period, the first day of my last period was the 24th Dec 09. I tested for the first time the day my period was due as I had been feeling generally lethargic and waves of nausea for a week or so and the test was very faintly positive. I left it for a couple of days and retested and again the result was positive, but only slightly darker, still faint by anyones standards.
I went to see my dr and she didnt give me any kind of test to confirm, she did however make me an appointment for an early scan as I have had a misscarriage previously and I am now experiencing intermittant cramping. Unfortunately I cannot have a scan until I am 6 weeks+, and as it seems I am prob around 5 weeks there is nothing they can do just now. In fact they have made me an appointment for a week Monday!
To cut a long story short I have no done something like 5 tests now, all of which are still faint and im now worried they are getting fainter which can mean a misscarriage will occur doesnt it?
If anyone can assure me they had continuously faint positives throughout a viable pregnancy that would be great, otherwise I would like to prepare myself, as im not sure whether to get excited just yet.
Thanks x
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There can be many reasons for a faint postitive. How long between trips to the bathroom?  How much fluids are you drinking? That can all play a part in how diluted your urine is and how much hormone is in it.  I had a nurse actually say the test was negative it took three mintues for the line to show up barely visable. I just saw my babies heart beating at 186bpm yesterday.

I'm suprised that your Dr did not order bloodwork to check your HCG and progesterone. Maybe you should call the office and ask for these tests to be done.
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Thanks for the reply!

I have been testing first thing in the morning every time and the weird thing is I have enough HCG to suffer morning sickness, but not enough to get a strong positive test result.

Unfortunately a blood test isnt an option, I live in the UK and apparently they stopped performing this test here some time ago. So the only advice I have been given is to wait until my 7 week scan...so annoying!

Just want peace of mind that the faint result doesnt have any relevance as to whether I will go full term or not.
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heyy brittny..
they should be able to give u a blood test.. i live in the uk and i have had 4 of them (having complications in my pregnancy)
if u ask and explain u r worried they should give u 1 x
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at the beggining of this pregnancy (I am 10 weeks) I had some very light blue dye pregnancy test was afraid it was an evaporation line and took a pink dye test again very light, but faintly positive (I took about 8 dye test in all and all of them were very faint) I finally caved and got a digital pregnancy test and it said "pregnant" i went to my doctor and they confirmed it i have now had an ultrasound and seen the babys heart beat! I light test does not always mean a MC it could just be that its light or that you ovulated late. Good luck and keep us posted!
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