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HCG Levels

i already have one child, completely problem-less pregnancy, he was born on July 6th, 2010. i then had Mirena put in, and taken out on January 25th, 2012. my husband and i got pregnant in February, 2012 and found in late March that it was a blighted ovum, my OB wrote up a prescription for Cytotec and in April, i had a 'miscarriage'. we have been trying, without success to conceive since then.. my LMP was Dec. 19th. on January 22nd, i took an at-home test and it was positive. i called my OB and went in on the 24th and she said it looked like i was about 5 weeks.. and then this past Tuesday night, i had some brown blood.. nothing much, just when i wiped.. and it happened again Wednesday morning, so i again, called my OB.. she had me go in again and took a look at the gestational sac.. it was significantly bigger than it had been on the 24th, but still not big enough to see anything inside.. my OB said she didn't think that i was quite 5 weeks, more like 3-4, and had me go to get my HCG levels tested (which is what gave us the clue that i had a blighted ovum with the previous miscarriage) i went in on Thursday morning, and my levels were at 2192, then Friday afternoon around 4, and they had risen to 2332, but she asked that because they were so close, that i go in again this morning and have another test done.. they were at 2126.. but i have no pain, or bleeding, so i really just don't know what to think at this point.. is it possible that they would go back up since it's still really early?
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I'm so sorry honey.  When HCG levels begin to fall, it is almost certainly a loss.  It isn't uncommon for there not to be any bleeding yet as often it takes time for the body to realize this is a loss.  

If your last mp was December 19th, that would make you just over 6 weeks pregnant.  If you are only measuring 3-4 weeks, plus dropping hcg levels, then that would typically be diagnosed as a miscarriage.  Reconfirm with your Dr. as I am not a Dr., just someone who has been through this several times.

I do want to tell you though that even after mulitiple losses. I did go on to have a healthy beautiful baby boy who is now 3.  2 losses are a really hard thing to go through, but typically just bad luck.

I'm so sorry. Please take care.
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Have you ever heard of a disappearing twin? Your levels were pretty high and went down  sometimes there are 2 babies and one doesn't make it. I am hoping for the best for you!!
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That is very confusing. Rule of thumb is that the ultrasound results supercede hcg levels.  So it makes perfect sense that your Dr. would choose not to run more bloodwork.  If it was just a matter of hcg levels vs. ultrasound heartbeat, I would say that perhaps things are ok, but the shrinking sac would not be normal in a viable pregnancy.  I would go with your Dr.'s comments...anything is possible.

I think that you are in that horrible wait and see time.  And that is stressful.  I would personally prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.  I am keeping everything crossed for you that this moves forward.  I can tell you that typically, a heartbeat is a good sign. Yes, we can still miscarry after a heartbeat, but still...the heartbeat is progress.  Please keep us updated.  I want this for you so badly!! (((((Hugs)))))
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wondering if you would tell me what your thoughts on this are;
had another set of blood tests on Thursday.. and had an OB appt yesterday. got into the ultrasound room with my OB and she told me my numbers went down again to like 1800's and she asks how i'm feeling. i tell her i'm feeling great.. no bleeding, nothing.. and she said yeah, that it was probably because my hormone levels were going down that i was feeling great and as she's getting ready to check the gestational sac she tells me that we're going to wait for it to happen and we're going to do an ultrasound to make sure that there's not a pollyp on my uterus. and she wants to test my blood levels to make sure i have adequate amounts of what i need.. well, she looks.. and the gestational sac got smaller.. so she says that i should definitely expect to see some bleeding soon.
and we can see, even though the sac is small, that there is definitely something in it.. so i tell her that, even if i'm going to miscarry, i'm just happy it wasn't an empty sac this time. and she's like yeah, you can definitely see mass inside.. so she does a close up.. and she points to where my blood flow would be connecting with the baby.. and she moves the ultrasound thingy a little and that pulsing keeps going.. and she stops for a second.. and goes. "huh..that looks faster than your heartbeat.." so she takes my pulse.. and looks at the screen and takes my pulse again.. and goes.. "no, that's definitely faster than your heartbeat..so we're not doing any more blood work, because it's obviously not helping. we're just gonna wait it out.. you're measuring 5w 6d and that makes sense for where your levels are right now. i want to see you in 2 weeks, unless you start bleeding before then. what's going to happen, is either you're going to miscarry, or this baby is going to grow."
would it make sense that the numbers would be going down and the baby's heart is still beating?
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well, thank you. that's what i figured.. one can't help but hope otherwise.
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