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Hey Joy (and others)! I am back!  I just found out last Friday that I am pregnant!!!   I know I haven't been on here in like FOREVER, but I will be on here more often. Just wanted to fill you in on some exciting news.  I am off to get my hair done.  I will be back on later!  ***Baby Dust to all the TTC Ladies***
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It's been a while, But I think I remember you. :) Congrats!!! When are you due? I'm due Dec. 25th or so... I find out at my dr.'s appointment tomorrow. :)
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Congrats to you! Lucky girls!
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i'm fairly new, so i don't know you but congratulations and here's to a healthy 9 months
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I'm glad you came back and I'm even MORE GLAD THAT YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!!

Ahhh! So when it your due date? I'm guessing sometime in December/January, right?
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OMG I have missed you hanging around on here! Its kind of funny we are like a big family! We celebrate with one another and mourn with one another! God Bless you and keep us posted on your Wonderful pregnancy! !!! YAY
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Thanks girls!  Linzola and martikadragoon,  It feels so good to be back and have ppl remember me!! Thank you!  Congrats on the pregnancies ladies!  I am due around you!  About Dec. 25-31st.  Some sites are telling me different days.  I go to the baby doctor next Tuesday.  My family doctor took all my lab work and made me an appointment for a sono for next thurdsday just because I wanted one! haha I wasn't waiting till I was 20wks or more like I know my baby doctor would do.  Not sure if I will see anything now but oh well, wanna give it a shot.  I just got engaged begining of March, so things are coming together just awesome!  

Lots of prayers to you all!  

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Beautifullychaotic~ YAY!!! lol. Are you thinking Pink or Blue???

We're thinking PINK. PINK PINK PINK!!!!!!

I could be due anywhere from Dec. 20th to Dec 25th... I will probably deliver around thanksgiving tho because I had a C/S with TJ (do you remember me being pregnant with a baby with down syndrome... IDK if you were here at that time)
I was so tiny when I was preggo with him and only got to 35w5d.

By the way, check out my profile for pics of him. We've been thru hell and back with our little man... but he's healthy now! (after 3 months in the hospital with a massive bone infection following Open Heart Surgery)..

I hope you get to see your peanut on the Sono! mine is tomorrow morning!!! lol i could go crazy just waiting!

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YAY!!! You are back!! I missed you like crazy on here!!!! =) I am due Sept. 30! I can't believe it!! CONGRATS to you and welcome back girl!
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I don't think I know you, nor you me but congratulations and welcome back =)
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OMG!!! Congrats!!!
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Martikadragoon, I remember when you were pregnant, but I dont think I was around when you had him.  I am sorry to hear about the hell you had to go through. I haven't checked out your pics yet, but I sure will! Congrats on the second!! I am still shocked that this is going to be my third!!!  And I am thinking BLUE!!!!!  I have a daughter, I see how she is and thats ALL I NEED! haha  

Hey Chantal!!  haha its funny that we have each other on myspace but dont talk much on there.  I haven't announced it on there yet.  I am still waiting to tell my dad about this.  I know if I was to say on myspace or facebook, one of my family members would squeal on me. lol   I am so happy to hear that you are on your second!!  What does hubby think?  

mamaofonetrying42 how are you?!  

Just to let you girls know....I have lost 85lbs!!!!  LETS PRAY THAT I DONT GAIN MORE
THAN 20LBS!!  

Also, I have alot of cramping going on off and on. Not like period cramps, like well, kinda but not like bad ones, sometimes its like a straining feeling on one side, sometimes its more like a pressure or something.  idk.  THink I am ok?  I know sometimes its normal, but I honestly can't remember having any cramping or anything bothering me down there at alll with my other 2 preganancies, but that was 8 and 6 yrs ago!  I know I over worry myself all the time, and I know its not going to get better! lol
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Hey, Im doing good! We are TTC for our third!! I thought you lost weight!!
YOU LOOK GREAT! Arent you getting married??
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Yes I am getting married! We set a date for May 29, 2010 and then found out this news a month later! ha Wedding is still on same date and all.  Bought my gown already tho! A size 12!!!  Man I hope it fits me!  Baby dust to you!  Hope you get  your third!
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When are you due??
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I am due around Christmas/New Years!  I haven't  gotten a doctors date yet. But online some places say one date and one says another. Fertilityfriend says Dec. 31 Most others say Dec. 28th!   I was induced with my other kids, might think about doing that this time too!  It was wonderful!  lol
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Hey!! congrats on losing the weight!!
I know...I don't use myspace anymore...hubby does once in a while, but that's it. I'm a medhelp and facebook girl now. lol. =) It will be nice to keep in touch again on here!! I'm addicted once again...on here every day, all day. lol. (well almost!) Glad to hear you are doing well!! I'm thinking BLUE again as well. But we are keeping this baby a suprise. With Jeremiah, I found out and hubby didn't want to know. Now I am going to be totally suprised! I just don't think I am ready for girl yet. lol. =) I know how to handle my son and I think since they will only be 17 months apart, it would be nice to have another boy. congrats again!!
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Thanks Chantal!  I have facebook and use it but its too nosy for me!! lol  How are you feeling?  I wish you alll could seriously spend a d ay with me!  You'd laugh your butts off at my stupidity!  I can't think and I am sooooooo way tired I can hardly keep my eyes open!  I am a huge Bret Michaels fan and going to see him on Saturday. I have VIP tix and get to hang out with him with our radio staff and I am terrified of what will come out of my mouth!  I honestly thought that we had more than 10 toes and fingers the other night! Its sad! lmao.
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I remember the sensation you're talking about and I was silently freaked out about it. Turns out all was well and baby was implanted in the right spot! This will be our third, too, and it just recently hit me!!! You kind of forget all the wakeful nights of feedings and diaper changes. LOL!
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haha Thanks Joy! I realize things will be ok.  I just dont remember if I was ever this dumb! lol  When are you do again?  
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And I am also having a hard time sleeping at night which I know I never experienced with my other 2.   My boobs are what wake me up! I go to turn sides and them babies are freaking sore! And heavy! OMG! lol Talk about ouch!
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I'm due October 20th but my due dates always tend to change at the 20-week sonogram by a week or two (later, never sooner... drats!). I'll have the 20-week sonogram the last week or May I think!

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Wow How exciting!  I wish I was in the week you are.  I hate this sleepiness and sickness.
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