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HYDROSALPINX (8mm) With one fallopian tube,can you still get pregnant????

Hi I'm 20 years old
I just found out yesterday i have Hydrosalpinx 8mm is that small or not to big? can you still get pregnant with condition? if so,could pregnancy will be determine?, i have done blood work for pregnancy it was only %30,just missed period for one week,or is there any chance that you cant get your period???? Hydrosalpinx has to be done by surgery? hydrosalpinx is definitely only in my tube not my uterus.i had surgery done in the past of April/2010 had hysterectomy, had left side of fallopian tube&ovary remove because i had pretty much big tumor that was NON-CANCEROUS,can anyone help me???this is stressing me out!!!!! please,thank you
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From what I read by doing a search of hydrosalpinx, you can still get pregnant as long as your other ovary and fallopian tube are funcitoning properly.
However, if you have had a hysterectomy, you cannot get pregnant.  With a full or partial hysterectomy the uterus is removed.  You also would not have a period, either.
Your doctor should have made all of this clear to you when you had the surgery, let alone when they discovered and diagnosed the hydrosalpinx.
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Well. It's possible to have a partial and not have your uterus removed. My mom has her left ovarie and tube removed. If that's all, and your uterus is still intact it can happen. You said a test showed 30%? I assume it was an hCG test showing you with a level of 30. (I've never heard of anyone calling it percentages before) If this is what it is, many places will deem that to be positive for pregnancy.
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Yes, you are right it is HCG level of 30,where i got percentages from? the dr told me so...is it to soon to tell if i'm pregnant or not? knowing that i have this condition of hydrosalpinx, it wouldn't be tubal pregnancy OR ectopic pregnancy it would have shown in ultrasound?ultrasound was done yesterday,just found hydrosalpinx in my tube
they say its to soon to tell i'm pregnant do i have to wait for 2 weeks or one week? for pregnancy test or HCG?
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A hcg level of 30 is a pregnancy,your right at this stage it would be hard to see anything on a scan.until levels are above 1000.non pregnancy level is 5 or below..ideally they could test within a few days,as hcg doubles every 48 hours.
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It wouldn't show quite yet if you are pregnant where it would be. Most women are seen to be infertile with Hydrosalpinx. Do you know if the blockage is blood or pus. Have you ever been treated for any STD's or PID?
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Yes, i have no infections or any STD never had IUD inserted,from what i know it's just fuild of water in my tube
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Right now it seems like it's going to just be a waiting game to see what happens. See if you can determine the cause for why you have this though. Hydrosalpinx is due to some kind of injury to the tube (normally infection), and if they can determine why you might be able to determine if it can be fixed or what your chances of fertility in the future are.
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I did an HSG showing Uterine fibroid, RT Hydrosalpinx and patent LT Fallopian tube; what does this mean? Can i still have babies?
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I don't know anything on the condition but I recently had my right ovary removed and was told I could still conceive again. I was also told that even if I did have my tube removed that I would still conceive later after this pregnancy.  As long as you have one working tube and ovary you should be able to get pregnant.
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Yes..my sister is pregnant after having an ectopic pregnancy
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