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Help! 24 weeks pregnant and soft open cervix

Guys I need ur help as I'm worrying that my cervix is very soft and open? I can actually place the tip of my finger in the opening..... Should I be concerned? First pregnancy so not sure if this is normal or not!!!!!
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Its not a good idea to do cervical checks on yourself when you're pregnant. You can introduce infection into your uterus and can be harmful to the baby.
If you're worried about a soft open cervix, call your doctor. Definitely want to make sure everything is okay and you need to know if there's anything you should or shouldn't be doing.
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You should call your doctor but really you shouldnt do that one your own.. Im sure you were careful with it but still dont want to risk anything
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Yer I know infection risks etc, iv only checked once before, & I was sterile etc.. But this is worrying me! Also for the past 4 hours iv been feeling really poorly, fluey almost!! Iv not had any pain lower down and the baby has been kicking all day.. So should I still be worried?
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Just call your dr to see if it's anything you need tk be concerned about. Better safe than sorry.
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As the others said, call your doctor and talk to them. There's also no reason for you to feel your cervix for any reason. You don't know what you're feeling for or what you're doing and it doesn't matter if your hands are clean or not. If you ARE dilating, you putting your hands in there could make yourself dilate more and cause preterm labour. Seeing as you're still very early, I'm sure that's not something you want to be doing.
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I suppose im just a worrier, and from what my midwife has told me previously, my cervix should be hard an closed, but if anything feels like when i was ovulating, 'that' soft!! My midwife already thinks im a worrier anyway, so if iv not got any cramping etc, i dont want to cause a fuss over something silly when i dont really understand it all! Only thing i know is that its 'meant' to be hard and closed, its not like i forced the tip of my finger in, just know easily my finger could of gone in! Didnt want to mess around down there! Im not looking for a telling off here, im looking for some information!
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We're not telling you off. Just wanting to make sure you're informed with what may happen from checking yourself. And suggesting you call your dr. I'd rather be know as a worrier than brush everything off as nothing and have an actual problem.
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