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Help: Am I pregnant?

Hi Ladies, let me just start by saying how grateful i am for this website, it has a big help.

I'm 18 and just finished my first year of college, on April 21 I had protected sex (my boyfriend pulled out with a condom and finished in the condom), but I always somehow manage to stress over being pregnant or not (it sucks I know). Afterwards, I remember my period being late for seven days before it finally came on the 15th of May. I was very happy. However on May 12 my boyfriend was inside me for only five seconds (without a condom) before I pushed him away because I was nervous doing it without a condom.

Currently my period is six days late (according to the FLO app) and I'm not sure if its being I'm stressing or because I'm sleeping very very late and not getting enough sleep. I have had no pregnancy symptoms at all. I have only had a dull kinda pain when I press on my breasts, but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping its because my period will start soon.

Please help,
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So, remember that an app is just an estimate of when you'd get a period ordinarily.  It doesn't measure hormones or things going on in life like stress, changes in routine, weight gain or loss, illness, etc.  :>)  So, it's just going to average from when you normally get a period. Every woman will be late from time to time even if it is not their norm.  Most of the time they aren't pregnant.

Since you had his penis inside of you, you can test to rule it out.  Tests are typically accurate at 2.5 weeks after you've had the episode you are worried about.

And remember that pms can cause symptoms too and they might be like what someone says makes them worried about pregnancy.  

So take a test to know for sure. If it is negative, you can wait a full week.  Your period will probably show up then or take another test at the end of that next week.  Let us know!
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6 days late is pretty late so you probably will want to go take a pregnancy test if your period doesnt come by tomorrow. Just remember that even the pretty good over the counter pregnancy tests aren't always super accurate this early!  

You probably wont get all the pregnancy symptoms this early, alot of those won't show up until later - so for now its probably best that you go take a pregnancy test

One other thing - as someone who experienced a teenage pregnancy before - please know that no matter what its going to turn out ok. Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing. Don't pressure yourself to rush to a decision on abortion. Really. Abortion is a much much harder decision than most people want to admit. As someone who had an abortion as a teenager. I can tell you that I thought it was the right decision at the time - and I have spent most of the past decade regretting it terribly.

You will know whats best for you hopefully. I thought an abortion was the answer I was looking for and looking back on it, I know that abortion was wrong for me. I should have taken more time to think about it.

Best of luck to you! If you are pregnant thats a wonderful blessing!
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You probably misread my post (maybe?) because it really isn't early. Today is about six weeks AFTER my last period. And the penetration for five seconds thing happened  two days BEFORE my last period. I was just wondering if I am pregnant due to my second period after the event being late.
Oh ok - wow sorry - yeah if its been six weeks since your last period you could definitely be pregnant! You need to go get a pregnancy test right now

The reason is that what you thought was a period six weeks ago might not have been a period at all! I have extremely irregular periods - and sometimes when you get pregnant it appears more like a very light period

Like when I was your age and got pregnant almost the exact same thing happened with my period - I thought it had come and turns out it was a fake

Oh and yeah 5 seconds is all it takes to get pregnant. Even as crazy as that sounds its true - him being inside you for 5 seconds is all it takes if he has some semen left on there and he almost definitely did!

omg! I'm so nervous now, my period usually lasts about 4-5 days. My last period was heavy on the first day, medium on the 2 and 3 and then very light on the fourth. Was your 'fake period' like that too?

So much anxiety right now lol,
Thats crazy but mine was almost exactly like that!  Then I found out I was pregnant.. and well it was about the same length of time

I know you have anxiety right now but Im just wanting to promise you that its going to be ok! pregnancy is a wonderful thing!  Go take a test! You'll be glad you did!
May I ask how you found out?

Also I think I’m in the clear!! (Sorry if it’s too much detail but after the bathroom I wiped and saw a lot of blood on the tissue) THANK GOD, today was day six of being late and I was going to go out tomorrow to see if I could get a test,
I found out because I took the test!  I had started getting morning sickness and  was feeling very tired

Oh my god I was terrified when I found out I was pregnant -

But yeah, its crazy - I hope you are doing ok!
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