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High-risk for down syndrome

I had the blood test done last week to test for genetic issues. I am 27 years old and 19 weeks today. My doctor called and said I was screened high-risk for down syndrome. She told me the risk were 1/182 but that it did not mean my baby would have downs. I was already scheduled for my 20-22wk ultrasound in a week. Will that tell me anything more b/c I do not want to risk having an amnio done?
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Please help, my test result said 1/60 chance of DS baby, I am 32, the whole world shut on me? Other number : Free B-HCG : 2.47 MoM, PAPP-A : 0.43 MoM, what are they saying??? Thank you, I am doing Amniocentesis test next 2 weeks, the day just went so slow, OMG...
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I am 17 weeks preg & had a maternal serum blood test (screening test for DS) last week. 2 days after the test, the hosp called and said I have a very high risk of a DS baby (ratio is 1:60; the nurse said cut-off point is 1:250). This is our 1st baby in 10 yrs and my hub refused to have amnio test done, saying we'll keep this baby no matter what happens. I am worried sick after that phone call & pray that all will turn out well.

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You may not be in the risk group but neither was I. DH and I are 22 yrs old and our 8 month old TJ has down syndrome. We're pregnant with #2 due at xmas time.

Your chance of 1:182 gives you basically a %0.05 chance... NOT MUCH.  It would be a MUCH higher thing if it were 1:10 or 1:5...

A Level 2 us is about %40 accurate in giving you results for Down's. They have a high fail rate but CAN detect soft markers that would indicate down syndrome. An amnio could give you a %99.9 correct answer.
They need to give you a fetal echo in the next weeks (before 24 weeks) to see if there are any heart issues. This would also give you a good idea on if baby has it or not. %60 of babies with D/S have some form of heart issue, and many of these resolve on their own with medications. :)

I have PERSONAL Experience with this. If you have any questions related to down syndrome or prenatal diagnostic testing, please message me..

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A friend of mine went through the same thing.  Doctors told her that there is a chance her son could have downs, but he was born a normal healthy beautiful boy.  Don't rely on the blood tests, as they tend to give a false positive.  The only guaranteed test would be an amnio.  I really wouldnt worry becuse you do not fit the age group for women in a high risk, unless you have someone in your family who has down syndrome.  Sometimes doctors say that if it runs in your family there is a chance.  Right now I wouldnt worry so much.  I just had a question, did you get that 12 week test done to check the fluid behind the baby's neck, because this test seems to be more accurate then blood work.  Hope this helps out!!!
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I know at your ultrasound they can look forfacial features and markers for Downs but as Blueeyedtabbycat said they only way to know for certin other than the amnio. Good Luck and pleasekeep us posted on what you find out! There are a few women on here that can answer a lotof questions for you! God Bless
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With out an amnio there is no way to be 100% certain. I had my results come back around the same as your, for the life of me I cant remember the exact #s right now. I think it was 1:179. My U/S showed baby has ecogenic bowel which is a marker for downs but other than that u/s looked great. I am 23 weeks today and still do not know for sure if my little girl has DS. I choose not to get the amnio untill closer to 30-35 weeks due to the risks involved. I want to know to prepare myself, but it honestly doesnt matter either way, just hoping to know before she is born.
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