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How normal is bleeding?


I took my first positive pregnancy test a week ago today. I take a new test every 2-3 days because the original lines were so pale, barely even visible and the lines have been progressively getting darker as well as another very dark like today.

I’m still waiting for my ob appointment and with an irregular schedule it’s difficult to tell how far along I am but 10 days ago I had a negative pregnancy test. I had some strong cramps last Wednesday as well as some pretty extreme bloating, both of which have since gone away.

Over the past 24 hours I have had some light bleeding (not enough to show on a panty liner but enough to show after using the bathroom) so of course I’m stressing.

I’m hoping for some reassuring words from women who have had bleeding during their first trimester and have gone on with successful pregnancies.

Or, maybe this is how miscarriages normally start? There is so much conflicting information, I don’t know what to think.

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Yes, please know that a lot of women do spot and have bleeding early in pregnancy.  Perfectly normal.  If it becomes intense or you are filling a pad?  that's more concerning.  I know it is always nerve wrecking in early pregnancy.  I had spotting that I thought was a period with a pregnancy before I knew I was pregnant. So, 9 months later, I welcomed a son. So, please don't fret or worry unless you have to.

When is your doctors appointment?  And congrats by the way.  :>))))))
Thank you so much for your quick answer. I had replied yesterday but maybe did not submit the comment properly.

My first appointment will likely be in the next few weeks. Although free, our healthcare system is a mess and my family doctor can’t see me until the week after next (i need a referral) so I will just be going to a walk in tomorrow to speed the process along (I need a positive blood test for the OB to see me)

I really appreciate your kind words, It is still currently very light (still not panty liner worthy) so hopefully a good sign. I’ll update when I know more :)
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Congrats!  I’ve spotted with several of my pregnancies, and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy, so it can be normal.

When you do experience bleeding, you should always give your doctor a call so the can monitor things just in case, but it is normal. Some additional warning signs to look for would be heavy bleeding and cramps.

Congratulations and keep us updated on how you and baby are doing!
Thank you so much for your response :)

Things have not intensified since yesterday and I’m still not experiencing any cramps so hopefully those are both indicators of good things.

I am keeping a good schedule of everything that is going on/ has been going on so that when I can finally be seen, I’ll have as much information as possible. I’ll update the thread as things progress, thanks so much :)
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The walk in is a good place to start if that's the only place you can go.  :))  And hey, it's free!  There is a plus in that side of it. Please try not to worry.  As purple says, as I say, lots of women do spot and all is fine.  I'm SO excited for you sweetie!!
Thank you :) I am really trying to adopt a relaxed perspective on this. I'll update after the OB visit!
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Do you still "feel pregnant"?  That was what my OB would ask when I had bleeding.  And it's a very good indicator of a healthy pregnancy if your breasts are still very tender.  Early miscarriages are often accompanied by a loss of "feeling pregnant".  Best wishes.
Thanks for the response :)
My nipples are certainly not as tender as they were which I'm not thrilled about but my breasts are sore, heavy and look different than they use to. I'm perpetually tired and my stomach is pretty off so hopefully these are good indicators. My only concern with the way I feel is that my nipples had been absurdly sensitive but that only lasted a couple of days. Hopefully I'll get my appointment sooner than later.  
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Just wanted to check in with you- how are things going?  Are you feeling ok?
Thanks so much for checking in :)
The doctor I saw didn't seem very concerned. They gave me a referral for the OB I want so I am waiting for an appointment with her and should get my HCG results within the next day or two. I find it odd that it takes so long because I am seeing so many people speaking about getting their blood drawn and getting answers immediately but I haven't yet found a clinic who offers that.

I am just trying not to stress as I'm finding that when I have very calm/ relaxed days, I don't spot and I do when I have a difficult day at work. Whatever will be will be and I have to believe that I will have the baby I'm meant to have, when I am meant to have him/her <3

I will update the thread after seeing the OB and hopefully it can help someone in the future who went through the same stresses I had :)
It does take a few days to get the HCG results- and that waiting is really hard!  Do let us know how you are doing!
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I just wanted to provide an update so that anyone stumbling onto this post looking for answers can read how things turned out.

I am now 11w2d and am still spotting on and off. I also passed a large about of blood and some tissue/ clot about 2 weeks ago and am still pregnant with my baby, who had a normal heartbeat, size and movement.

My OB is much less concerned than I was/ am about the bleeding and while she has suggested I hold off on sex and exercise until we do another ultrasound.

I’ll update as things progress, thanks again to all the wonderful people in this forum who answered my post :)
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