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I have no symptoms of being pregnant but had a positive test

On Friday, September 21 I took a dollar tree test and got a BFP. I have taken 3 tests since then and all were positive including the digital. The only symptom I have been experiencing is sore breasts. It's just the outer circumference of them that hurt. Anyways, my SO and I figure as of today I am going on 7 weeks. Went to the doctor on Monday. Urine test came back super positive. All my Dr did was a pelvic exam and breast exam. OUCH! I have an apt to go back for the first sono Oct 8th. Well yesterday, I started spotting. It was like a milky deep pink color and not a lot at all. I have no cramping pain or back pain. The only thing I had a long side the 2 spot wipe was little twinges of something in my lower back. It felt like super light pressure or like stretching. Not painful at all. Well that all went away. Wake up this morning and there was another spotting situation, but I have no twinges in back or cramps. My boobs are still sore, but less sore and I have been able to go #2 for the first time this morning since getting pregnant. Is everything ok with me and the baby?
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First, congratulations!!  So excited for you and your SO!  That's awesome and motherhood is hard but a true joy!  You are blessed!  Spotting is something that happens during pregnancy to many women and it is not a sign of anything wrong.  Have you had sexual intercourse?  I spotted regularly with that. It's just a light pink?  No cramps.  I would not be worried.  But keep your eye on it.  Breast tenderness comes and goes.  It's hard to wait and not worry during that first trimester so try to keep busy.  Any morning sickness?  That, if a woman has it, usually starts around 6 or so weeks.  
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So, how is it going today??  
I'm having a hard time trying not to worry. With only having sore boobs and NO other symptoms, it's a little nerve wracking because I have nothing else telling me I'm pregnant. If that makes any sense
With both my pregnancies, the only symptom I had was a missed period. I did find that towards the end of the first trimester, I started feeling really tired, but that was it. I know it's hard, but try to relax and do something to take your mind off it.
Thank you for chiming in cmac21!  I have a friend who had that same experience.  
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It  does.  I will tell you as someone that suffered 'morning sickness' which was really all day unrelenting nausea, be glad you don't have that.  I know it can be a tiny bit reassuring though.  You aren't a little extra tired or maybe peeing a bit more than usual?  Pregnancy signs can be subtle for some women.  I consider them lucky! :>))  But I know you are worried.  I'm sorry about that.  You are 7 weeks.  You go for your ultrasound in a week and a half!  yay!  I didn't get an ultrasound until 20 weeks but at my 8 week visit, I got to hear the heartbeat with a dopler.  That is a great moment.  :>)  TRY not to worry.  I know it is hard but stay busy if you can.  How are the cramps?  Are you still having them sometimes?

Oh, and did you track your temp before pregnancy?  Probably not or you'd have mentioned that.  But our body's temp goes up about 1 degree when we ovulate and it stays up until your next period.  It starts to lower a bit the day before your period starts.  I was trying to conceive so tracking my period.  If you are pregnant, the temp never goes down!  The two times my temp did not lower were my two pregnancies.  So, I know it is too late to do that but if you are ever in the baby making business again, keep that in mind.  :>)  Hugs.  It will be okay!
I used to track back when my ex husband and I were TTC! I never got pregnant with him so I never got to see the temps stay high. I haven't had the cramps any more. I have had more frequent headaches then normal. Today it did feel like I was having extra saliva. I am not peeing anymore than normal. I have felt off ALL day today. I am not sure how much of that was due to the headache. I have already taken 2 Tylenol for it about 6 hours ago, but its still there. I had pizza for dinner last night. It was amazing. Tried to eat it for lunch and it tasted blah!!!I think I am reading too much into  not having the clear cut symptoms.

Thank you so much for talking to me.
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Hi Della,
The spotting could of been from the exam the doctor did.  Even without an exam.....spotting is more common then you think in the first and second trimester of pregnancy. I actually hemorrhaged several times with both of my babies (I had subcorionic hematomas with both pregnancies) I was really freaked out but everything was OK.  Now they are 2 and 4 yrs old.  Just make sure you call the doctor if you have anything happens your concerned about. As far as not having any pregnancy symptoms....count yourself pretty lucky!! I was so so sick the entire pregnancy.  I couldn’t eat a thing I smelled.   Eating was disgusting. Nothing helped my morning sickness besides on occasion zofran helped.
I hope the scan your having on the 8th puts your mind at ease. If your doctor doesn’t know about the spotting you were having maybe he will move it up? I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and without any worries.
Best of luck!
good point about the exam.  Absolutely.  That can lead to it as well.  

Thanks. The spotting has stopped. I am trying my best to not think about it. So far it is working. I'm just going to wait until the exam and pray everything is more than ok. We plan on telling my SO's DD with the sono picture. She is 11 and has always wanted a sibling. She is going to be thrilled.
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Hope you are doing okay today!!  hugs
I am. Thanks for checking on me
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