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I'm Pregnant. Should I Be Concerned About Lead Paint Exposure?

We are getting our house ready for the holidays and have someone help clean our house. She was cleaning the dining room windows and a cloud of dust and paint chips blew in while I was talking to her. Our house was built in 1951 so am sure it’s lead paint and I’m freaking out. She vacuumed it all up and I left the room but is there anything I should do? I’m very scared that this harmed my baby (I’m 21 weeks pregnant and terrified now). I also suffer from extreme OCD and hypochondria so reading the internet on this topic has been detrimental.
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That exposure, alone, is not concerning.  Lead poisoning is usually from exposure over time - not a single incident like the one you described.  

However, lead-based paint that is cracking, chipping, or peeling is definitely a long-term concern.  https://www.epa.gov/lead/protect-your-family-exposures-lead
You should check whether your home really has lead-based paint - it may have been removed by previous owners.  You can buy a kit to test at your local hardware store, or hire a professional inspector to be absolutely certain.
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Thank you for your response! If the cracked paint is contained now in the windows, I should be ok until we replace the windows correct?
Yes - exposure is through ingestion or dust particles in the air.  If it is contained, it can't harm you.
Thank you so much. What about handling a lamp that has a prop 65 warning about lead? I’m just so worried now because I’m pregnant and I was handling it.
How old is the lamp? I doubt it has significant amounts of lead in it.  Prop 65 warnings, in general, can be safely ignored as that label is on virtually everything in California.  Unless the lamp is ancient, it's unlikely to contain any lead.  Also, again, lead exposure is from lead dust (inhaling) or ingesting, not from touching intact, non-degraded objects that contain lead.
It’s brand new, we ordered from Overstock.com and didn’t see the warning label until it arrived and began unpackaging and assembling it. Thank you so much for your explanation, it clears up a lot of concern for me.
Oh yeah, nothing manufactured in recent years is going to contain lead that could harm you.

You can disregard Prop 65 warnings on anything you buy.  Any manufacturer who offers their products for sale or shipment to California is going to put a Prop 65 warning on their products.  There are teams of lawyers who have made a very good living suing manufacturers for failing to include the label, so it is slapped on everything, for that reason.

I hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy, and if you have any other questions, we're here!
Thank you so very much! You have helped ease my mind. Back to the lead paint chips that were exposed in my house — I am trying not to worry that the vacuum used to clean them up was also used in my bedroom. Do you think this should be of concern? I am so worried I breathed the dust from them and have harmed my baby somehow. Thank you again for taking the time to help me.
Again, extended exposure is of concern - not a one-time event.  To be on the safe side, have someone else empty the vacuum cleaner, but I'm afraid you are excessively concerned about this one-time event.  Do you have anxiety in general, or about this pregnancy, in general?
Thank you once again! Yes, I had anxiety and OCD prior to the pregnancy and unfortunately it has made things worse for me. Every week I fixate on something new that has actually happened to me that I’m terrified has harmed the baby in some some way. For example, last week I at a burger that had some pink in it and now I am convinced I have toxoplasmosis and it’s going to cause serious effects on the baby but I won’t know until he’s born. It is so stressful and unhealthy for me and I just need reassurance :(

I have an appointment with a therapist in a few weeks and am hoping she will work with me throughout the remainder as well as postpartum. I know I need to get it under control. Thank you again for your time, it means a lot.
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