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Implant bleeding?

I just like to know a little more about it. Like how long it last? What kind of spotting? Like spots of blood or there is blood there just not whole pad. I just keep getting so many different stories from everyone. I spotted for 4 days. Had one small clot. And color was brown whole time. Know some people tell me yes it sounds like implant bleeding other say no. I bleed like a normal period week before I found out I was six weeks pregnant with my now almost 3 year old son. So I was thinking maybe that was implant bleeding. I had clots with him and look like period. Now this past week I bleed for four day first three days was only like hour a day last day was on and off all day. I know a test only thing tell me I am but did anyone else have any kind of implant bleeding so I can compare. Thank you
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Well, back on December 26th, I had, what I thought was, "A Period."
But it was much much lighter than my normal periods cuz I'm a heavy bleeder.
There was some minor clotting.
But the blood for the most part, was a very light color.
Like almost like a peach color.
It lasted about 2 1/2 days.
The first day it was very very light.
Like on and off all day.
Second day it got slightly heavy, the blood was a lil redder, and there was minor clotting.
And the 3rd day, it was off and on and the bleeding was so light I didn't even have to wear any protection on my underwear cuz it was only there when I wiped.

I came on here asking about the same thing.
And I got SOME people telling me, No no, implantation bleeding doesn't have clots.
Then I have some on here said that they clotted a little too.
Then another person told me about ANOTHER type of bleeding that can occure around the same time you get implantation bleeding.

I forgot what it was called but it started with a B or a D, I really can't remember. lol.

But basically what it is, it's when your hormones go wacky when you first get pregnant, and it causes you to lose bits and peices of the lining in your uterus.
But still keeps alot of it because there's a new baby implanted in it.

That's basically what that's all about.

But I went to a clinic, and they told me what I was experiencing WAS implantation bleeding.
And that it can vary from woman to woman.

So whatever people tell you that if there's clotting in it or not, don't believe them.
Because some women CAN clot.
Some can't.

The lady told me what she knew, and honestly, I trust a doctor who knows all about that stuff over some chick who didn't clot and thinks she knows everything.

So I hope that helps.
If you want more info, make friends with Google.com.

I found google very helpful with some of my questions. =]
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Thank you so much. You are the only person so far that really help me on all the boards I gone too. I trying this was my body was with my son and so hard think back to 2004. I think most cause I didn't know I was pregnant when I was having period or implant bleeding with him. I didn't even know anything about it. Thank you again :)
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I didn't have any implantation bleeding, but I did have implantation pain.  It felt like small quick cramps in the center of my belly.  I experienced that 10 days after IUI.
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I also experienced the more "red" implantation bleeding.
Or at least I believe so....

The actual statistics seem a bit vague: As I haven't been "trying", nor sexually active the past few months.. I am not sure exactly when my periods were..

I have a conservative guesstimate that Jan: period began on the 21st.
Several intense encounters lead me to believe I may be preg.

The first signs were intense headaches I felt must be "hormonal"

I had an intense intuition...

But that was merely that: - and a 2 week "stomach flu"... no puking, just intense nauea.

Last possible date of conception: 2/4, (also 1/30, 1/27...maybe others?)

I THINK next cycle ("AF") begins tomorrow at the very earliest!... maybe Mon?

I have 28 day, occassionally longer cycles.

I felt the "cramping" and that "feeling" of something-especially on the left side, for the past 7-10 days.  

On Tuesday, 2/12... I woke with a small amount of pink discharge, and moderate watery red...

Wed. I had less- but was brighter red, also lighter (more watery)- and on and off.

Thursday- Very Scant spotting.

Today, gone.

I am prone to think this may be Implantation Bleeding.

The possibility of conception is there- but not high.

Any suggestions, or insight is much appreciated.

BABYdust to all!*********
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Well today is feb.16 and no real AF yet. My bleeding only really lasted those four days so maybe it was implant. Yesterday I felt really sick stomach all messed up. Do want to sound nasty or anything but does anyone know if diarrhea has been know to be sign of pregnancy? Just wondering. Also had a bad headache all day likes back my head. That just not like me. If I was sitting down I get really dizzy when I got up. Well try keep everyone updated. :)
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When was AF due? And when do you think last BD occurred?
Sounds a lot lie my symptoms.

I guess it could be a flu- which threw off your cycle.. but if you are ttc, then these are definitely signs of early pregnancy.

They can also be signs of stress.

Either way.. eat well, take a multi with folic acid (I know...nuseating to think about..)

And test!

Keep us posted!

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My AF is due between Feb. 16 and 20. Last week from 9-12 I had spotting brown. Didn't need a pad or anything. I only have it about a hour a day. I did have one small clot. But I clotted with my son before I knew I was pregnant. I don't want to sound dumb but what is BD? I not used going on these boards so not used all code stuff lol. No one had the flu here had the flu shot to. My husband don't really want anymore children but I do. He wouldn't be mad if I was pregnant but he doesn't choose to plan for one. He happy with our one son. This kind of just happened this month to wind up this way. I very happy if I was pregnant. I just came off the pill end of last month. So might be body getting used to it. But I got pregnant with my son on the pill. So nothing impossible. :)
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BD is a term I just learned.. It is "Baby Dancing"...the "politically correct" way of saying lovemaking, conceiving, making out... ^&g LOLxx

Anyway, I think that since you have already ben through a full term pregnancy, your intuition is most likely key.

Coupled with the fact that you weren't planning, and the positive test is a beautiful thing... but nonetheless anxiety producing to the extent that you are the Mother Goddess.. and you will have to break in your husband! LOLxx

The last times you ever expect to get pregnant is usually when we do..

Keep me posted!

Star-Dust and Baby Rays!!!*********
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Still no period so far. But who knows maybe that was my period just early. I starting doubt myself. I really want have another baby dh does not so I feel like this my only chance. I really don't have any signs. I have had this strange pain (not a ouch pain like it hurts like slight pulling feeling) on my lower left hand side like by ovary. Then it goes up side my hip like on underwear line. Feel that now and then buy not to sure what that is. I have had some strange food cravings. Nothing big just I want one kind of thing to eat only that thing if I have something else I still hungry or not satisfied with it. No really sick stomachs just now and then when some stuff don't agree with me. I don't know if it just in my head or what I just really want to have another baby
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