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Is is stress or can I be pregnant?

The last time I had sex was on june 22 (about 5 months ago). He didn't came and we used a condom. I have been getting my period as usual (28-29 day cycle) but since August my cycle have been of 31-33 days and my period symptoms seems more "prominent". I don't know if is the stress from college and exams that is making my period "late". My last period was on October 1 and is November 4 and I still have not gotten my period October was a really stressful month because of exams so I don't know if that is the cause of it. I have read many stories of women who are pregnant and don't realize until very further on the pregnancy because of the lack of symptoms and do not gain any weight. I also did a pregnancy test in September because I was late but it tested negative.
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Stress definitely can affect how long our cycle is as can changes in routine, weight gain or loss, being sick, etc.  Your cycle just sounds like it has gotten a little longer in days but is still regular.  You don't sound pregnant but just that you're going to have a longer cycle than you used to which is still within normal range.  good luck
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You are most certainly welcome. We have a woman's health forum you can find under the W's on the community list from the top tool bar or from the communities short listed drop down menu.  Come visit us for your gyn. questions. :>)))
So I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative! But I still have not gotten my period and I still feel period symptoms: bloating, white/clear/ light yellowish mucus and such. Still very worried plus between this week and the next I have 6 exams. I don't want to keep stressing
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Honestly, my guess is you are having a longer than usual cycle and that is all.  It does happen especially when we are stressed out.  You haven't had sex for five months so pretty much can assume you aren't that far along pregnant, right?  So, don't stress about it.  Your hormones are just reacting to your stressful school environment.  Don't put one more thing to worry about on yourself.  Doctors like women to have periods at least every three months.  If you go that long, go see your doctor and they will likely give you something to kick start your bleeding. But until then, I sincerely would not worry.  good luck on your exams!
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