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Is pregnancy a possibility for me?

I think I could possibly be pregnant. The first day of my last period was either on May 26th, or May 28th. ( I can't remember, I don't keep track) I haven't had my period yet, which really isn't surprising considering that I have irregular periods. I'm 20 and my boyfriend is 24. We have had unprotected sex many times, most of which he never pulled out. The symptoms I have had are as follows:

*Tender/Swollen, aching breasts (mostly on the outside towards the armpit and not on the nipple, they hurt when I'm taking a shower, and they even hurt pretty bad when I put my phone in my bra, and now that I think about it, my bra is feeling a little tight.)
*Mood Swings
*Back Pain
*Nausea (especially when hungry or after I eat what used to be considered a normal amount of food for me)
*Food aversions (the smell or thought of certain foods makes me sick)
*Smell Sensitivity (the smell of my favorite lotion now makes me cringe)
*Missed Period

Usually I experience back pain and sore nipples with my menstrual cycle, but never any of these symptoms. I've taken two pregnancy tests so far, one was digital, the other wasn't. (I probably took them too early to have accurate results) The non-digital test showed a very VERY faint line, indicating pregnancy, but this could just be my imagination or the control line showing through. The digital test came back negative. I should have my period today, however, so far I haven't. I guess what my question is, is based upon what I've mentioned above, is pregnancy a real possibility for me? My whole body feels off and I just don't feel like myself, but I completely decline to believe that I could actually be pregnant. In fact, I'm sure if I took a test right now, and it came back positive, I would probably think that it was a false reading. Also, should I see a OB/GYN or a doctor of some kind for these symptoms that I'm having? I'm worried that instead of being pregnant, there is something more serious wrong with my body. And for the record, I don't have any lumps in my breasts, that I can feel. I read online that the kind of breast pain I am having could be associated with breast cancer.

Thank you for reading my long post!
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Anytime you have unprotected six pregnancy is possible. But since you are irregular, that could be why you don't have a period yet. But you could go to your doctor and request a blood pregnancy test.
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I would say go make an appointment and get a blood test done.....sounds like you're pregnant to me, so CONGRATS!! =)
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Anytime you have unprotected sex there's always a BIG possibility of pregnancy. Make an appointment with an obgyn. Tell them.about your test and they will do there own test ans will also take blood to see if you're pregnant. If you're not they can test you for something else. You could have a bladder infection which is also curable. See a doctor. That's your best bet at this point.
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yu could be but yu have to wait at least two to three weeks after you concieved to take the test & wait a couple days on your period because sometimes your period can change so just wait till next week and take another one
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Yeah what they all said ^^ :)
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Even a fiant positive is a positive. The only way to know is to make an appointment. If pregnancy is a concern of yours, then yes, make an appointment to find out.
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If just took a test that came back positive congratulations your pregnant
Its very rare to get a false positive. Make an appointment with a obgyn to start your prenatal care and get your prenatal vitamins. Congrats again.
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when do you think I should take a blood test? Any time now?
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Yes now. If ur far enough to have any real symptoms, then it will show up in hcg.
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Ok thank you. I forgot to mention some other symptoms that I am having which are quite strange...one of which I have this weird taste in my mouth, almost like I can taste blood or something? I read online that a lot of pregnant women have a metallic taste in their mouths. I also have had an increased urge to pee, but this could be because my mouth is so dry all the time.
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because my mouth is so dry all the time, and so i drink lots of water*
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