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JOY or anyone who can help.

What is the big difference is between baby blues and ppd? I have been having quite a few symptoms and dont know what this may be. I just seem to be finding myself thinking about death and I am by no means sucidial but am so scared of death and something happening to me or the baby. I am not having any problems with bonding with my son I am just really upset and scared about what is going to happen in the future. I think it stems from everyone saying enjoy every min they grow up so fast... I called my obgyn and he is sending me a antidepressent but I dont want to take something and be unable to take myself off of it when I am better... What do you think I should do
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and here's what it says.

Baby Blues is the most common of all postpartum disorders. Up to 80% of new mothers will suffer from a letdown of some sort beginning on the 3rd or 4th day after delivery. These symptoms (listed below) typically cease on their own within 10 days to 2 weeks.
Baby Blues Symptoms: *crying jags *hypersensitivity *feeling overwhelmed *irritability *impatience *sadness (may be aggravated by the expectation of new motherhood bliss)

Baby Blues becomes Postpartum Depression when the symptoms begin to interfere with you everyday living. Postpartum Depression typically develops anywhere from a week to several months after delivery.

Postpartum Depression Symptoms: *change in appetite *change in sleeping habits *anger *panic attacks *feelings of helplessness, worthlessness and guilt *difficulty concentrating *inability to make decisions *obsessive thoughts *racing thoughts *loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities (including sex) *loss of energy *nausea, vomiting, diarrhea *frequent crying jags *suicidal thoughts (seek help immediately) *thoughts of hurting yourself or your baby (seek help immediately)

I hope this helps, and so you know, there ARE safe meds to take for PPD and bf'ing at the same time.

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Also, if you are truly depressed, antidepressants can be a GODSEND... so if you feel it's PPD, you need to try the antidepressants and give them a month to see if they help. Some of them can take 1week-1month to work.
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After I had my son, I didnt know if i just had the baby blues or ppd as well. I love my son but for some reason for the 1st 2weeks or so I would just cry Everynight when ever it started to get dark out. I was find on weekends. I did start taking meds. get to be on the safe side but after the 2weeks and only being on the meds for a few days(it takes longer than that for them to start working) I started to feel better, So my guess is it was just the baby blues and getting scraed at night knowing I would be all by myself with no help.(but i also knew that I did have help if needed it. weired i know)
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Baby blues is totally normal, and antidepressants aren't addictive at all, in fact I was on celexa before I got pregnant, and I plan on going back on it as soon as baby is born. It does sound like you have a minor case of the baby blues, but the most important thing to know is that if your doc prescribes something...take it. Baby blues and PPD can become worse, baby blues can turn into PPD, and PPD can get to the extent of you thinking or trying to hurt yourself or baby, not that you would, but PPD and baby blues affects women differently.

I was put on an antidepressant with my older son, I was diagnosed with baby blues, but it had turned into PPD, and I had thoughts of what crazy stuff, including hurting myself, when I normally wasn't that way at all.

Like I said before Antidepressants are not addictive, and once you feel like you can go on without them, it is very easy to go without.  
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Thank you.

mommaofonetrying42: I also only really feel that way at night when it gets dark out. My DH works 2 jobs and dosnt get off until 11 pm.  

BTS1022: My fear is if I go off them in say a few months I will get depressed agian... Is that commen.? I was on anti depressents when I was a teenager and went off of them on my own and I really dont remember having a problem but It makes me nervous...
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Your body is trying to get back to normal. Alot of changes have occurred. I've never experienced post partum but I would try to only take the antidepressants if you start learning towards feelings of PPD. They can be very powerful drugs.

Your body went through alot and I think its normal for your mind to travel to weird places while recovering.  
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Well, Im no dr. but because you just had him I would wait a little longer and see if it goes away. It really was like One day and it was gone (for me). I think it had to do with...like the baby was in My Care and only my care at night and if something would to happen it would be all my fault, you know( even know I would take care of him all day as well) the nights were just scarer.......
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Everyone gets depression, it is very common and very normal a lot of times the depression doesn't need medication to treat, kinda like the *broke up with my bf* depression.

The thing with baby blues and PPD is that it does go away. All women are different, and some get better faster than others. But who's to say when you do get off them you get depressed again? Well there is nothing wrong with having to go back on them until you are better.

Have you tried talking about it with DH? Or just taking a shower and allowing yourself to have a good cry? A lot of those things seem to help me, especially now, because I am Bi-polar and I have been off my meds since finding out I was pregnant.

If you aren't on birth control yet, you can try St.Johns Wart, you can get it all walmart in the vitamin section, it is also a mood stabilizer but it's natural. The only thing is that it will interfere with birth control.
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I agree with mamaofonetrying42! Baby blues typically lasts about two weeks as your hormones shift gears. Postpartum depression is like regular depression. You don't want to get out of bed, don't want to shower, you don't care about life, etc. Baby blues is basically just feeling weepy and worrying about what the future holds.

When I had my second baby I bawled my eyes out. I kept sobbing to my husband, "She's going to grow up too fast! She's going to be DRIVING TOMORROW! She's just going to grow so fast!!!" My husband thought I was nuts. But it was just hormones and naturally worrying.

Here I am 15 months later and she's still a baby. She's not even walking yet and time is in slow motion. I was worrying for nothing.

I got your PM and I'm going to write you back. May take me a few because I want to organize my thoughts but you'll get it tonight.
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BTS made wonderful points as well. You can take vitamins instead of anti-depressants. Also, you should eat walnuts. Drink plenty of water. There are natural ways to deal with the depression (if that is what you have).

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oh Lindsey sorry  to hear. i hope u feel better soon. just hang in there, u are in my thoughts
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We are all here for you! We care so feel free to talk about it as much as you want. Talking about the bad thoughts and sad feelings will probably help. xoxoxo  
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well first of all congratulations and welcome to motherhood! i dont think its out of the ordinary what you are feeling. i had a feeling of hopelessness after my second was born, after getting home. cant put my finger on it i just started crying. i did better when people were there because of the noise and the sense i wasnt alone. my mom called one of the nurses at the hospital and they said to have someone watch the baby and my toddler, and take a tylenol 3 and try to get as much sleep as i could. you see, mine was breastfeeding and i was having trouble, so we were up all the time and nobody could help me. and of course i really couldnt nap in the daytime with my two yr old running around. but my mom took the kids, and let me sleep. and when i woke up i felt brand new! i got better over the next couple of days, just took things really slow and took some walks. just getting out of the house can help. i hope you feel better! try to get some rest if possible.
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I am still taking my prenatel vitimans and am feeling better. I am going to go ahead and pick up the perscription but I am not sure if I am going to take it.  I am not sure what Saint Johns Wart is. So you guys think I should wait and not take the antidepressents? My DH works 2 jobs 7am-3pm and 5pm-11pm and he is really really worried about me.
JOY: I also keep feeling like he is going to grow up sooooo fast and I want him to stay young. So it really is normal. Does it sound like I have the Baby blues then? I actually dont feel like going to bed and I seem to have quite a bit of energy lately so I dont not do anything. I just get upset when its night time and I am here alone with the baby... I am so confused.  Thanks for all your help.
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It definitely just sounds like the baby blues and it will most likely pass. You do not sound *depressed* to me (note that I'm not doctor, of course!). But I do have a SIL who is bipolar and a friend who has a masters in psychiatry. I think this is normal baby blues!
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Thanks. joy you have really been a big help.
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Personally I would wait until your baby is about 3 weeks.  The first two weeks is a huge adjustment, mixed with unstable hormones.  Then between the 2-3 weeks everything starts to level out and you begin to start thinking more clearly and you arent as exhausted as when the baby was first born.  That is how it was for me at least, and a few of my friends.  But if you notice it getting worse or you are having more of the signs of ppd then I would start taking the anti-depressants.
But just know you are totally normal to feel this way.  Being a mom is a very scary thing, and when you see this little baby (more so as a first time mom)...you sometimes wonder what did I get myself into....can I raise my child how he needs to be raises, give him the things he wants, and in the end will he love me.  With you, you are worried about leaving him one day or him leaving you...I constantly worry about the same thing and mine is already 6mo.  So you are normal to feel that way....and infact it is being a good mother!
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Hi Linzola,

Yes definately hold off on the anti-depressant for now..... leave it another 1.5 weeks and see how you go. It definately sounds like baby blues to me.

I havent had a baby but 2 of my close friends have and one of them had them last weekend (just gone) and the other day/night called up & was all upset & everything so yes definately sounds like baby blues to me (from listening to my 2 friends :-D) I would say hold off on taking the medication, and if you are still feeling the same way in a week or 2, speak to your doctor & maybe give them a try.

I hope you feel better soon, and just know we are here for you should you need to vent!
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hi, after the birth of my daughter I got PPD or PND (at 2 weeks) and was put on antidepressents, they do take a while to work (2/3 weeks) but did help alot.  I was off them by the time my daughter was 7 months and am now doing great. I am pregnant again with my second and am considering taking them in the last 10 days leading up to the birth (i know i am haivng a planned c-section so I will have the baby out before the drugs can have any effect on the baby although they are supposed to be perfectly safe to take during pregnancy).  My thoughts are if you are taking them according to your doc instructions and working with your doc to come on and off them you will be fine.  From my expereince and knowledge it is only if you are on them for more than a year that is can become more difficult to come off.  My feelings are that a healthy and happy mum, whether it be with the help of the drugs or not is going to be much better at taking care of her baby then one that is upset all the time and finding it difficult to function with day to day tasks (taking into account the normal sleep deprivation etc lol).  I really hope all works out in the next few weeks but remember if you are still feeling down you should talk to your doc again as the longer it is left untreated the harder it can be to turn things around.
Good luck and congrats on your little bundle.
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For me, becuase I have a history of depression I would probably opt to start the antidepressants (depending on WHICH one it was) but I know I have a history.  For someone who does NOT have a history of depression themselves or in their family I would agree that waiting a few weeks would be the better alternative.  Antidepressants can be gotten off of but it can range from easy to extremely hard to do so.  It is very normal to have all of those thoughts.  As long as it is not affecting your health and your taking care of your baby it's most likely just the baby blues fromall the hormonal shifts in your body.  You are also physically and mentally exhuasted at this point...I don't know a woman who has a newborn and isn't.  Try to take daily walks with the baby...get out in the sunlight, get fresh air.  While it's completely normal and healthy to worry about the future, try not to worry about it TOO much.  IF you don't feel better after a few weeks then I would consider trying the antidepressant...BUT I wouldn't take a very powerful one.  What is that the doc prescribed you, do you know?
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losingmymindinGA: hey I am not sure what he perscribed but once I go to pick it up I will let you know.(they called in a name brand drug and I am on Medicaid and they only pay for genaric drugs.) I was treated for depression and so they said bi polar when I was 15-16 and took anti depressants for a long time, but really didnt like how they made me too happy. I took them for a long time and took myself off of them. When I called my obgyn to ask for them I told the nurse I wanted a pill that would not be hard to get off of. I def am not having a problem taking care of the baby nor do I feel like it is affecting my health. I think I am going to pick up the meds but wait to yake them if this does not clear up in a week or so.
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I didn't read all of the responses, but I get PPD after every baby.  I've had 5 so I know exactly what to expect once I give birth.  It's awful!!!  I leave the hospital with a prescription in hand now.  They are not addictive at all.  And I don't know if you are breastfeeding or not, but some of them are very safe while breastfeeding.  I always take Zoloft.  It will pass.  But for me, it just seems like an eternity.  Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
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I've been on Lexapro and honestly I wasn't too thrilled with it...made me gain weight...had to keep increasing the dose and supplement with other pills...my hubby is on celexa which is basically the not-as-improved lexapro.  It helped him right in the beginning but had major sexual side affects.  Now it doesn't seem to be helping at all.  I know another person who was on celexa and stopped it becuase of the sexual side affects.  Those are my only experiences with antidepressants...but when you find out what it is, I'll see what I can find on it...I researched a bunch of them for my mom.  My family has a history of depression...there are two confirmed cases of suicide on my grandmas side (my great uncle and a 2nd or 3rd cousin) and on my grandpas side..his dad was suspected of it...and my grandpa  had a couple of inpatient mental health treatment periods.  So unfortunatley I'm at high risk for it.
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Thank you both. Once I find out what the medication is I will let you know. Thanks agian.
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