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Losing my Mucos Plug!!!!

i am now 31 weeks and 1 day preggo and i lost my mucos plug earlier today i know that that really sont mean that labor will start soon my midwife said that it could be weeks before that begins i just wanted to know everybody story about thsi cause with my first born i lost it about 36 weeks and then i started to lose fluid rite after that i had to go in once a week for an ultrasound to measure my fluids then when i was 38 weeks i went in for my weekly ultrasound and they sent me straight to the hospital because i was pretty much out of fluids i went in at 10:00am that morning and had my son at 3:53am the next morning...just a little worried i guess i dont want that to happen to me again and so early in this pregnancy.
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you can loose the start of your plug early, if it looked like snot (sorry) it would be from the begining of your cervix, but if it was clear with maybe abit of blood stain in it, it was from higher up in your cervix, which means things are starting to happen down there... if it was from lower down your cervix I wouldnt be too worried at this point
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having a baby @ 38 weeks is perfectly fine. You can lose your mucos olug and stay pregnant for 2-3 months after. Just somewhat take it easy and if you begin to have contractions and have serious pelvic pressure you need to go in. I had my daughter last year in march @ 32 weeks. by the time i went in i was @ 8 cm
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She's 31wks, not 38..she was talking about a previous pregnancy :-).

I agree that if there's any blood tinge you should be seen just in case it's bloody show, but I've lost my mucus plug several times in all 3 of my pregnancies and had it grow back..I made it to past 39wks with both of my previous pregnancies and show no sign of pre-term labor with this one (i'm 27wks).

any cramps, contractions, pain, or fluid leaking you should IMMEDIATELY be seen...but as long as the mucus is snot-like (like Stacey said) and not blood-tinged it's probably OK - maybe call your OB in the morning just to double check? But you already know the warning signs...just listen to your body and go immediately if anything seems off!
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it was like snot so i shouldnt be worried last night i had lower bottom pain and hip pains i never just went into labor and yes i should be pro at this cause this is my fifth pregnancy but all my previous pregnancies was induced because of fluid problems i never really went into labor
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Ahh I don't care how many times you've been pregnant (this is my 4th pregnancy, 3rd child) when something unexpected happens it can really throw you for a loop, so don't worry about it :-).

Just keep an eye on it..I might call my OB anyway just to make sure he doesn't want you to be seen since it's about to be the weekend, but if you feel like everything is OK then that's up to you!
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@ Jaz1989 was there any problem when your baby was born at 32 weeks.im really worried that if i go into labor now (almost 32 weeks measuring almost 34) that the baby would be in danger.

rigth now im having lower hip and vagina pains so i dont know waht to expect since this is my first.
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