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This is my first pregnancy and I’m supposed to be 7 weeks today. I thought I should of been 8 but when I got an ultrasound i measured 7 weeks. I am extremely confused and worried. The first time I went to the ob-gyn I was thinking I was 7 weeks ,that was about a month ago, turns out I was only five weeks, she told me my gest sac was too big, but you could see the fetal pole I went back in a week and she said everything looked normal. Yesterday I started spotting, very faint, light brown discharge and light cramping so I went to the e.r  thinking I was 8 weeks , they didn’t find a heartbeat but didn’t mention anything about a fetal pole ,didn’t even looked concerned and said it may be because my baby is too small. But that most likely I am miscarriying, today I was in a car accident and I they took me to the hospital and they did another ultrasound , I measure only 7 weeks DR told me that it’s too early to see the heartbeat and to keep an eye to see if I still have discharge but also didn’t mention anything about a fetal pole, she actúally looked very hopeful and not concerned at all either. They gave me a disc with pictures of the ultrasound and on one slide it says “no fetal pole” but they didn’t mention anything to me, I could still see my everything I saw before in my last ultrasound & dr said everything “looked” good. So I don’t even know what to do, think or feel . I’m so stressed out. Should I give up hope?
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So sorry you are dealing with all this uncertainty, I know that's hard!  Have you had any blood draws to test your HCG levels?  When you are this early in pregnancy, it can be hard to get an idea of what's going on with just ultrasound alone.  Give your OB a call and let them know everything that has happened- request blood work.  They should send you for an HCG check now, and a follow up test in a few days- those numbers will give you a better indication on how things are going.  You may not get completely solid answers on if you are miscarrying for a few weeks- sometimes it's a long wait and see process (which is horrible, I know), but the blood work should give you a little more information.  Let us know how you are doing!
Hi,thanks so much for your answer.today I haven’t had much discharge so I’m hoping for the best.im actually going to make an appointment to check my hcg levels. I will keep everyone posted.pray for me and my baby ❤️
How are you doing?  Any updates?  
I had my appointment today. After spotting light and then brown , it started getting heavier like a heavy flow . I went to the ob and there was no cardiac activy , she said my baby wasn’t alive. I’m not opting for a D&C as I believe in miracles. I know it sounds dumb but god works in mysterious ways. I’m going to keep praying. Wish you the best
I don't think it sounds dumb at all, and I totally understand where you are coming from.  I'm so sorry about the news your OB gave you- please let us know if you have any other questions we can help with or if you have any updates you want to share.
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Hi there, I was reading this thread and was wondering if you had any update after not finding a heartbeat? I'm truly sorry that you experienced that. There's nothing really perfect to say to someone experiencing a miscarriage other than, you're not alone friend.
Hello,unfortunately I was in fact,miscarrying. I started spotting a few days later and then I passed the baby, it was painful and lasted about 2days. I bled for about 22 days.
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