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Missed Abortion

Hi, I am 28 yrs old and I had conceived 3 times consecutively after my marriage immediately.The gap between all 3 conception was nearly 6 months and we discontinued the pregnancy as soon as we came to know abt it with the consultation of a Doctor.We also had given a break of 4 yrs after that and now we had planned to go for the pregnancy but the problem is that the foetus doesn't grow after say abt 6 to 8 wks.The Cardiac activities of the foetus start and then there is no further development.I come to know abt the missed abortion only after the Sonography report in 11th or 12th week as I do not face any other symtoms for that such as bleeding.This happened twice and the time for the missed abortion is nearly the same in both the pregnancies.I had taken pregnancy supporting pills as suggested by the Doctor the second time as I used to have pain in my uterus or lower pelvic area during pregnancy but this did not help.Now after the 2nd Missed abortion I was bleeding for abt 15 days and the next period after that was also heavy wherein my period went on for 10 days.I have a slight pain in the uterus when i exert myself.Also I feel a pain in the uterus while having a relation with my husband.All my recent reports are normal and Doctors have suggested me to go for some Genetic tests.I am worried and it feels as if I am not able to have a full term healthy pregnancy?Is there any way out? Can I have a baby ever?Is the problem Genetical or Is it due to earlier abortions?I am tensed and confused-Pls help
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I understand what she's saying. They saw/heard a baby's heartbeat each time probably around week 7-8. By week 11-12 they'd get an ultrasound to find the heart had stopped beating and they had to "abort" or "miscarry". This woman is from India. They use the term "abortion" to mean "miscarriage".

Hope that clarifies it for anyone.

As to answer your question, you are not doomed to never have a baby. There must be something going on and genetic testing is a very, very good idea. Women who have 3 or more miscarriages should have the testing to see why her babies stop growing and developing. I wish you soooooo much luck! There are other women out there who've had miscarriages who go on to have a healthy baby.

I had a miscarriage in 2006. Then I got pregnant again and had a beautiful baby girl. Don't give up hope!
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I think the reason we thought she had an elective abortion is that she said "The gap between all 3 conception was nearly 6 months and *we discontinued the pregnancy* as soon as we came to know abt it with the consultation of a Doctor." Which leads me to believe that she chose to abort the baby.
Maybe she will come back and clarify.
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The correct term for a miscarriage is Abortion, the only difference is that one is elective and one is not.
I think she meant that she had 3 missed misscarriages because she mentioned that all of her embryos stoped growing at 6-8 weeks and then started bleeding etc.

Answer to your question is yes you can have a FT pregnancy at some point, you have to have your doctor perform a series of tests to determine what is the cause of your miscarriages sometimes the solution is simple like taking a baby aspirin daily or progesterone supplements.  Whatever it is, you need to consult with your doctor.
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I think you should go for the genetic testing but even more importantly I think you should never give up hope.  Every woman's body is different at differnet times.  I had a college roommate who had 3 planned abortions followed by an ectopic pregnancy which messed up one of her fallopian tubes.  Even after this she had a miscarriage and was told she would never be able to have kids. Well let me tell you.  She has two BEAUTIFUL little girls.  So go for the testing and always remember whatever the doctor's say miracles happen
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This is very confusing, I am curious to know if she aborted all three early pregnancies or not.
Abortions can be very hard on the body and they have been know to cause a women to never carry full term again.
I hope this isn't the case for you, I would try and rule out every possible factor as lance said, you should go get the genetic testing done.
Good luck...
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I dont think she had all abortions, missed abortions are also considered miscarriages...
Meaning she didnt realize she was pregnant until she started having the missed abortion, with her symptom being bleeding. I think in the beginning it sounds like the decided to have one...and then the others may have been miscarriages?? I could be wrong.

I am not 100% sure on what to tell you. If the doctors want to have genetic testing done, then I would go for it to rule out certain things and see if you can in fact have a full term pregnancy.
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who did your abortions and at what stage were they done in the pregnancy? there can be further complications after an abortion  depending where and when it was done, abortions can be dangerous after that many of them its ok for a one off but seriously why werent you on birth control? i hope this hasnt affected your chances and having a healthy baby in the future. good luck
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