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No sac seen at 5 week transvaginal ultrasound

This is my first pregnancy.  My LMP wad Feb 6, 2011.  My cycles are 34 days long so I figure that was about 5 weeks 3 days the day of my transvag ultrasound two days ago.  Im freaked out bc no gestational sac was seen.  The doctor said that its probably just too early and its not uncommon to see nothing in the 5 or 6th week.  I have pregnancy symptoms: sore boobs/nipples, tired all the time, slight dull cramping, and have to.pee a lot.  Help, im so worried something is wrong and kerp obsessing about it.
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I would have to agree with your doctor, it may just be too early at this point to see much of anything. Your dates may be wrong as well, so you may actually be less further along than what you think. When I went in for u/s my doctor told me that I was actually one week less than what I thought according to my dates.

I would not worry about this right now because the worry adds more stress to you and the baby and neither one of you need any more added stress. Take it easy, enjoy being pregnant, and just be patient because you will most definitely be able to see more on your next visit.

Good luck to you during these hectic months! Don't forget to enjoy this....: )
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I went to my first OBGYN appointment on 4/1/11 and by my calculations I was exactly 5 weeks pregnant.  She did a transvaginal ultrasound and couldn't see anything at all, not even a sac.  I was really worried and very worked up all day yesterday.  She did do blood work to check my HGC levels and I will get the results Monday.  Everyone is telling me that its probably just too early and not to worry about it.  
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Most women are not able to see much of anything before 6-7 weeks. Not sure why some docs give ultrasounds that early only to let a woman down and make her worry more. The earliest I've seen a baby on u/s was 7w2d. But my midwife normally won't book one for me until I am at least 8 weeks. At this point, HCG levels can tell you a lot more than an u/s can. As long as your levels are rising/doubling every 48-72 hours, that is a great sign. You should be able to see something on u/s within the next 2 weeks.
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My doctor wouldn't do an u/s until 7 weeks because she told me we wouldn't see anything yet.  Try to relax.  I'm sure everything will turn out all right.  :-)
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I know here they won't do them until at least 10weeks because usually at 5-6 you don't see anything...Don't worry it's not going to be good for you...Enjoy being pregnant try not to stress yourself out :)
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I went to have trans vag @ 5 weeks and nothing was found.. No gestational sac or any form of signs that i pregnant... Im so worried right now. I pray that the sax and baby will show up the next time il have my transvag..
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