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I went into my doctor today because I was experiencing some pretty nasty cramps/discomfort. He listened to the baby and had me explain what was going on. It was just sharp pains in my lower abdomin and they would come in waves. Nothing regular but they would build up. He believes they could just be Braxton Kicks, but has me on watch. I'm not aloud to do a whole lot, like picking my son up, painting, walking for over 45 minutes, excercising. It's just a bummer. I just hope everything is alright. I will 20 weeks this saturday.
Has anyone else experienced this? Was it just Braxton Hicks?
Any suggestions/advice would be hugely appreciated!
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I haven't experienced this before and I hope that it is braxton hicks. I do know though that braxton hicks are supposed to be more noticeable your second + pregnancy. Did you notice them a lot during your first pregnancy?
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I never went through what you're going through, but I'm glad your baby is okay and I hope everything turns out well. Good luck and stay positive!
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so i just went through the same thing, but with some spotting. went to the doctors yesterday and we discussed things. from what i have researched braxton hicks is suppose to start out painless, but noticeable. i had some intense cramps last week and he thinks it was braxton hicks contractions. he said that even though they are suppose to be painless to start they can be painful. braxton hicks are false contractions in a sense. think of them as practice runs for your impending labour. it seems to me that the more practice runs you have the better really...helps get those muscles you will need for labour ready to help push little one out.  
i too am on minimal duties around the house and it does kinda take the joy out of things. but! my husband keeps reassuring me that its for the good of the baby and that its worth just resting a few days. i guess in the end we just have to listen to our bodies and if we feel a cramp coming on we just just try to relax and breathe with it.
hope you are feeling better soon!!
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Definitely sounds like braxton hicks.... and they actually can be a bit painful! But that is how i knew the difference (i went in to preterm labor with my first) the braxton hicks were uncomfortable and would tighten my tummy and hurt my back a little... but the real ones would tighten my tummy but felt like bad period cramps and would hurt my back as well.... There are alot of similarites between the two... just keep an eye on them and if you have more than 6 in an hr call the doc... better to be safe than sorry....Hope ya feel better! and try and take it easy :-)
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It could also be Round Ligament pain.
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