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PCOS!!! I'm kind of freaking out...

Just found out I have PCOS. Not sure if the Dr diagnosed me right or not. Not sure how they diagnose it. But said that the reason that maybe I didn't have a period this month because of the UTI I had around ovulation. And then said that I must not have a period because of PCOS. He wants me to do two months of BC and then try really hard for two months and if it doesn't work he wants me to go to a fertility class and get on Clomid. And he wants me to lose weight. But that is easier said then done. I'm freaking out that I have fertility issues and that I'm not going to get pregnant. I'm so scared I will never have a baby. Any help os very appreciated. I feel very devistated right now like my dream of feeling a baby inside me is gone. Please help me.
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you're prob not havin a period because you do this everyday. sorry but true. some woman can't have babies which is very sad. but there is always adoption. stop over whelming about it. that doesn't make it happen any faster. god will allow you to be pregnant when he feels you're ready. good luck.
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when timing is right you'll get you're miracle.
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please don't freak out. there are many women who get diagnosed with PCOS, and go on to have babies. I was diagnosed with PCOS in May of 2008. I was on clomid for 3 rounds, and still had no ovulated while on it. I went for a dr's appt and told him I felt off, and he sent me for a blood test for pregnancy. He told me not to take it until he got the final results, but that they probably would be negative because he had sent me 2 weeks earlier to see if I had ovulated or not, and they had come back that I had not. Long behold, the result came back positive, and I went on to have a healthy baby boy in July 2009. Did they do any kind of test on you to determine this? Again, don't rule out ever getting pregnant. It may take some time, but I hope everything works out for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to messege me.
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There is no one test to determine PCOS. They'll look at your medical history, a physical exam, pelvic exam, blood test and perhaps an ultrasound. (These seem to be the most common) If you do indeed have PCOS, it's not the end of the world. While some women have troubles and will not fall pregnant, a very large majority of women will. There are many ladies on here who have PCOS and are either pregnant or have children already. It just takes longer. Generally with PCOS you will not have regular periods, nor will you ovulate regularly. (Though some do) Get a second opinion from another doctor to check and see what they say.
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you are lucky you have a diagnosis!!! You will have kids one day! God is great! =) He will give a child to two ppl who really want one. MY friend was trying for 5 yrs and then found out she has pcos, and got on clomid and was pregnant within few months. She now has a healthy two yr old =)
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Wow confusedmanda- A little harsh huh?

Iheid and Clysta- Thanks. He did an exam and said that it's why I didn't get a period. But this is the first month I haven't had a period. He also said that I could have not ovulated because of the UTI I had the week of ovulation. So I'm back on BC for two months and then trying again. And then if that doesn't work then I'm supposed to go to a fertility class because my health care requires you to go to this class before they will treat fertility. And the. They will run tests and then hopefully they will get me on medication.
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Thanks Julianovak- that makes me feel better. It's just my worst nightmare to hear that you know. Makes me feel like it won't happen. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I appreciate it.
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i wasn't intending to be harsh. it is just you post it every other day. we all tell you to stop stressing. and relax and you're miracle will come. then you post that you can't get pregnant yet. darlin it takes years sometimes. every body is different. do i wish you the best yes of course. but you're time will come.
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I also was wondering why exactly does your doctor want you to go on BC for two months then try afterwards..... y not just get on Clomid to help you ovulate????? I think you should get on clomid bc BC can mess up your system even more since you have PCOS.... just found that a bit strange...... bc my friend wasnt told to go on BC or anything like that.
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I would talk with your Dr more about why he thinks you have PCOS it sounds as if he was'nt very clear with you and you have a lot of questions and only missing one period does not always mean PCOS although with other factors it can. as far as the BC goes, a lot of Dr have you go on it to regulate your period, I have PCOS and am currently pregnant with baby #4, and 3 of my pregnancies i actually got pregnant while on birth control! there are a lot of women who do have trouble concieving with PCOS, but there are a lot who are successful and ones like me who have several children. having PCOS does not mean you will never have a child, it may just take a little longer! Good luck and hope it works out for you!
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As far as the BC he said that when you take BC it puts your overies to sleep, and when you stop it jump starts them to produce an egg for the first two months. Maybe longer but for the first two months most likely. This is what he said. He isn't my normal Dr. went to the one near my work since my Dr. wouldn't answer my questions in my email. I was kind of confused on why he said I had it also, because he didn't run any tests on me, just that i didn't get my period. So I am going to take the next two months to work on weight loss and taking a break. Then if it doesn't work then I will do the fertility class which have me tested and then determine the best route to take. I pray I will get pregnant when I try those months so that I can avoid the need to take any medication. Thank you for the encouraging words. When the Dr. tells you that there is something wrong it really scares you. I apologize for posting my fears and concerns on here so much. I am just worried that I won't be able to get pregnant and that terrifies me. I really appreciate hearing your story Rebekah. It makes me feel better that it doesn't mean that I can't have kids. You read the blogs and what not and you hear about all the stories of people who can't get pregnant because of PCOS and it scares you. I was just trying to get information on it and I came across all these horror stories if it never happening and I got freaked out. Thanks again. :)
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I know it may sound hard to do, but try to relax because stress can stop you from ovulating. A friend of mine has known she had PCOS for a long time, she was very worried she would have a hard time conceiving, but after only a short time with fertility meds, her baby boy was born in February! I also have 2 coworkers who struggled with infertility for years, one was in China picking up her adopted daughter when she found out she was pregnant, the other was beginning the adoption process and found out she was pregnant (had her baby in December). My husband and I tried for 10 months, each month it got harder and harder to think that there wasn't something wrong. Earlier this summer I had a lot of stress due to a possible strike at my job, I didn't think it was causing me that much stress, but my last period was May 1st. I thought for sure I was pregnant, but had negative HPTs and a negative blood test at the end of June. I was very disappointed and worried since my periods had been very normal since going off birth control. Now I am pregnant (only about 5 weeks), but I can track the day I ovulated to right after we found out we would not be striking. It's like my body finally relaxed and said okay, I can ovulate now! Try to take things one day at a time (one cycle at a time). It is very frustrating, scary, upsetting to really want to get pregnant and not be able to. But don't throw in the towel just yet, amazing things can and do happen!
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Thank you. Your story just really just made my day. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I am going to take these 2 months off on BC and just work on getting into better shape, losing weight without thinking about it effecting my ovulation, and try a new start in 2 months. I am really glad to hear that other with PCOS are able to get pregnant. Thank you again, I am really going to take a very positive approach to the next 2 months on BC and then 2 months trying. :)
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Don't know if anyone mentioned that yet to you, but PCOS is the most common diagnosis for women that have a hard time conceiving. It's actually pretty easy to overcome since the only issue here is lack or less frequent ovulation. In my case, it took a full year of fertility treatments, 4 IUIs and finally an IVF. Also, as someone already said, it's better than no diagnosis at all; at least doctors have an idea as to how to approach it. Best of luck to you :)
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Thank you. It's hard to hear that you have somethi g preventing you from getting pregnant. It's really comforting to know that it can and will still happen. Thank you for making me feel better.
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They diagnose PCOS with a list of symptoms (whether you have acne, irregular periods, skin tags, insulin resistance, ect.). They can also do lab work and ultrasounds.

I have PCOS, all the symptoms fit and it was confirmed with u/s's . . . my previous boyfriend and I were together for three years, never used protection and I never got pregnant. A few months ago I became pregnant off of pre-*** with a boyfriend I've only had sex with 5 times . . . Pregnancy can happen when you have PCOS, and I've read a lot of great articles about the current treatment of PCOS.

I've wanted to be a mother since I was a child . . . everyone else wanted to be a singer of a movie star, I just wanted to grow up and have a family. So it was really scary when I was diagnosed, I understand what you're going through and I wish you the best.

And I'm not sure if this helps, but before I became pregnant I had lost about 10 lbs (I wasn't over weight, just a little chubby) and I had been going to the gym every other day. Maybe that helped me ovulate?

Good luck!
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Thanks JA116. I am taking a two month break from trying and going on BC. Once I stop the dr is hoping I will ovulate right away for a couple of months and that I should try really hard those two months and if it doesn't work then i will see about getting on Clomid. But in the mean time I am starting a workout routine and going to take the time off to get into better shape so that maybe that will help with the PCOS. I read that reducing your weight by 10% can help to get the PCOS under control. And I figure that even if it doesn't help me get pregnant at least losing weight won't hurt me. Thanks for the advice and for sharing your story with me. :)
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