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Pain in early pregnancy

Hi i am 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant.  I start experiencing stabbing pain in my lower abdomen.  It was on the right side. It was of and on and not that intense. I havent been to the doctor yet so I am kind of worried. Can you guys give me a little advice and let me know if this is normal.
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i have felt it too but its not painful just like little stabs... i believe its normal... not sure why,,, but i think as long as its not pain u cant take or bleeding u should be fine... its probably ur cervix expanding getting ready for the baby to grow!!
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pain accompanied by bleeding is not good and a sign of MC.
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There is no bleeding right now. Just on and off stabbing pain. Nothing unbereable at all.
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I would say that is perfectly normal. I certainly wasn't prepared for the aches and pains I got during my pregnancy!!!
It's more painful in some people than others. It's ligaments I think stretching-even though the baby is not that big yet, your body starts to get ready to adjust.

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i read something somewhere that pains in early pregnancy in the embryo embedding into your  womb. and you can also get spotting called breakthrough spotting again cased by th embryo settling in your womb. dont worry to much but make an appointment anyway just to make sure all is well. good luck. xx
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I remember having those sharp stabbing pains at 4-6 weeks. The Dr told me it's totally normal. Good luck!
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I'm experiencing similar pains today, especially on my left side...sometimes a stabbing pain but mostly just pulling, almost like I moved wrong and pulled something. Aslo had some pain across the front. I had it with both of my other pregnancies and all was fine. Just make sure to mention it at your appointment. Even though I know it's normal I still start to worry so I know how you feel!!
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Round ligaments, totally normal, you'll experience it a lot more throughout your pregnancy sometimes worse than others, sometimes it comes so sharp it hurts soo bad you can't even move, everyone's different but I'm pretty sure most women get it, I mean it's pretty normal and common. This is my second pregnancy and I'm 36wks, i haven't been getting it as much as my first pregnancy though
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That kind of pain took me to the emergency room one night and then to my surprise they told me i was pregnant. I continued to have pain every time i bent down or stretched and it felt like i was pulling muscles but everything is fine.
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