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Past mental illness issues

This year I have been really good, but in my teenage years I have struggled with various mental illness and at times it has been very serious.

I am going to start trying to get pregnant soon, and as a result, I think I am going to lose one of my closest friends, who doesn't believe I am stable enough.

I have tried to explain that I am so much better now, that I am supported emotionally and finantially, that this is an overpowering instinctive urge, what I feel is right for me, what I believe I have to do, what I believe I will be best at, what has always been my biggest dream of all - ever since I was 13, I have wished I would just wake up pregnant one day.
But she can't get over my past.

I am deeply upset, that I have to give up my friend, in order to have my baby. Has anyone else experienced similar judgement, or loss of friends? Because people don't think you can deal with it?
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Hi, I have mental health issues and I've had them since I was 12. I have been under several CMHT service since I was 15, I'm now (almost) 22 and they are still supporting me through my pregnancy! One of my biggest fears was losing my child due to my mental health issues and they have said that they do not do that, they help you with parenting before taking any extreme actions. My boyfriend also has autism and ADHD and he is also being supported by CMHT services.

As for your friend, I would think that if your "friend" was truly a friend she would support you with your choices rather than turn her back on you! And I know this sounds bad but you can do this without her. I don't have many friends, I have never been one for friends, I go through phases of having them. They revert back into acquaintances after short periods of time. I have lost friend's and family from falling pregnant but I've come to realise they don't matter. I told my brother I was pregnant and he told me to get an abortion, I told him where to go and now he isn't gonna be a part of mine or my son's life.

Some mental health might be genetic but you cross that bridge when it comes to it and you get all the help and support you need.

I think your friend is selfish and I wish you all the luck in the world. Don't let anyone make you think twice about having this baby. You will be a great mother!
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I cant relate exactly. I know i have lost friends and will continue to because im so young. None of my friends are at the point in life i am so i have lost friends because im pregnant, but that doesnt really bother me i would choose my baby over anyone. But as far as mental illness i would talk to my doctor about the illness and that you want to have a baby. I know being pregnant has made me crazy and ive never had mental issues. Hormones make you super emotional.
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First you are going to lose friends period when you become pregnant. You will not know until the last minute or you may just grow apart.  As far as your mental I would talk to a doctor as munch2369 said. Get the pros and cons of everything. Mental illness can be genetic So think about that too. Good luck I think everybody should have a chance at motherhood.
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Thank you guys so much for your messages of support.

Especially you, esorellinad. Your post made me tear up. I don't have many friends either, so it definitely hurts to lose her. But you're right - I can do this without her.
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I wish you all the luck in the world as well. We're survivors, and we should be proud of ourselves for making it.
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You're welcome. Feel free to message me/add me as a friend if you ever need to talk x
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