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Potential Iron Overload?

I am 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant and my doctor prescribed me an iron supplement (325mg once daily) about 2 weeks ago because my complete blood count results revealed I was slightly anemic (I was at 10.3 and should be at 11) and I am concerned that he gave me too much and I understand that iron is difficult to absorb and can take a long time to build stores and certain foods can inhibit absorption but on top of my prenatal vitamin (which has 27 mg) assuming that it’s the elemental iron that’s listed that’s like 92mg of iron daily and I’ve read that you shouldn’t exceed 45mg during pregnancy and so far over the past couple weeks I haven’t had any symptoms until this morning after I took my iron pill (I don’t take it with my prenatal I space them out by a few hours) I had diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, and just feel weird in general (almost lightheaded feeling or short of breath or very tired??) which are all symptoms of getting too much iron but also side effects of taking iron pills?? (That I’m very confused about like how do you know I what’s normal?) And the past couple visits my doctor has stressed how much he doesn’t like prescribing iron pills because they can cause constipation which causes hemorrhoids and also said I should eat more iron rich foods which honestly seemed like he was downplaying his decision in prescribing me the pills so I asked him if I should still take them and he said yes so Im just concerned that taking them is doing more harm than good and could be potentially harming my baby since I wasn’t even that anemic anyway. I don’t know what I should do.
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So, the doctor usually will know what they are doing. Hard to trust but that is likely totally true. You were ON the prenatal and iron deficient. He's trying to give you more energy. When pregnant and then if you nurse, the little one steals our nutrients. This is from WebMD. "You need at least 27 mg of iron, but try not to get more than 45 mg each day during your pregnancy or while breastfeeding."  So, are you taking in the range of 27 mg (your prenantal) and 45 mg? 325 mg dos sound high. I think you can call the office and discuss. You are pretty close to normal so you can discuss if it is really needed. That's what I'd do. You can also get more iron through diet?
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One thing to note....

325mg iron dosage is typically a compound form of iron called "Ferrous Sulfate"
This is broken down when your body digests it and provides your body with approximately 65mg of actual elemental iron.  The rest remaining is the sulfate salt that is just excreted by your body.

So your 325mg dose gives about 65mg of actual iron your body can use.

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I get so lost on this nutritional supplement stuff. thank you

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