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Pros and cons

Since I was really hoping for a girl I hadnt given this any thought but im having a boy and am curious of the pros and cons of circumscion(sp)
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I don't know much about it. My husband says it is important to have our son circumcised. He says it's cleaner and healthier, and that it's safer to do now than when he is older.
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Thats what my boyfriend said too lol
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Con its easier to catch something
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We didn't circ our son because he had been in the nicu for a week and if we had, he would have had to stay in the hospital another few days. I was so ready to have him home, and he had been through so much.

Our pediatrician says he doesn't believe it's medically necessary, but I do think it cuts down on infections. You can read the aap, the who, and cdc's views on it. My hubby isn't circ'd and has had no problems with infection, but this isn't always the case.
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i think its totally up to you... none of my four boys were circumsised and have never had infections... they range from 4 to 15
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It's easier to get infections if he's uncircumcised, some people don't do it for religious reasons that's all I know lol but we plan on circumcizing our little boy
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Con - longer time changing diaper. You have to put vaseline on it every diaper change this you risk exposure to the golden fountain of youth lol. Pro - easier to clean in my opinion. You dont have to pull the foreskin back or nuffin.

Both my boys are circumsized and Logan will be too. I never really thought about the pros and cons just because a lot of it is religious stuff too. But when I learned just what circumcision was I realized Id never seen someone who hadnt been circumcised so I just went with it as it was natural to me. Some may judge me for my reason but oh well.
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You don't pull the foreskin back to clean a newborn. Once the foreskin separates from the glans (usually in a few years) you pull back and gently clean. But until then, you just wipe it clean with a wipe and don't worry about pulling the foreskin back.
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We're gettin' our son circumcised when the time comes. Like someone above said, It's juss a natural thing to us as my boyfriend Is circumcised as well as both my brothers. From many articles I have read as well as talkin' to my doctor about It (since we have to pay out of pocket for It) It Improves hygiene, lowers the risk of urinary tract Infections, HIV, and penile cancer.
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Oh and the only con I know about Is persistent bleeding and my doctor told me It rarely happens. Other things I can think of Is If the doctor does It wrong, there would be more surgeries to have It fixed and possibly minor Infections If not cleaned properly.
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@Nicole W, I have a boy and girl twin aged two.. Was born at 35 weeks, stayed in the nicu for two in a half weeks, the day before I was released, they circumcised my son and we went home the next day! I don't see why they would make you stay a extra week.. But hey, all doctors are different.. I'm having a boy may 22, and he will be circumcised.. Keeping it clean every diaper change, with Vaseline is all it takes.. He healed in a few days..
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He was released on a Friday after my ob's office hours. In order to have him circumcised, he would have had to have stayed until Monday when the office opened back up. The on call ob was a total jerk and had even released me with no feeling in my legs (suffered nerve damage during delivery).
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There are so many different opinions on the subject and both sides can make valid points.. If I have a boy then the father is deciding, his opinion is better being that he has a penis and I don't...
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It's realy just a personal decision. Let the his dad decide on it or not.lol or flip a coin.
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I was told its the dads decision if he's around because most men will want their son to be the same as them weather he be snipped or not I had my son done because I personally think its alot cleaner and nicer looking my sister did not do her son and he has a hard time pulling it back and keeping it clean .. That's just my opinion though
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Its supposed to be cleanlier and be easier for the child to maintain cleanliness. Its really up to yu. Yu could go with not circumsicing and teach yer son how to clean himself properly and have no problems whatsoever. I left the decision up to my husband and decided he wanted to have it done since he is circumsized. I had no problems with it. It healed very quickly and he didn't seem to be in any type of pain. I was instructed to give him baby tylenol as needed for pain and its still sitting in my cabinet unopened. He handled it extremely well
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