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Silly moments?!

I wanna hear some ridiculous pregnancy moments, memory loss, cravings, mood swings, accidentally peeing, etc. Haha I need to relate, because lately I have been sooo out of it, I couldnt remember the alphabet for the life of me, for like 10 minutes!!
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I forgot how to spell my last name a few weeks ago. I felt so dumb. it's long3 syliable name and I always have to spell it for people and I had to look at my bank card to spell it. Lol. Then just last night I cried over a tv commercial where a dad lost his phone that had every picture he had taken of his newborn. I'm pretty silly lately.
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I cried because i got all comfy in bed then had to get up and pee, i put my electronic pepper shaker in the fridge, and i've forgotten my boyfriends last name lol
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I have had plenty buy can't think of any at the moment hahaha whats the irony in that.
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I wet myslf screamin at some lady at the mall for knockn in2 me
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I cried when my pizza was delivered and was too small...and then again when I couldnt even finish it!
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I went like 3 days in a row where nothing I said made sense & half of it I dont even think was actual words, lol
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I couldn't remember how many zeros are in a thousand. Oh and I peed on myself at work when I sneezed. Lol.
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I was at the grocery store and seen a friend and he said "so when your baby due?" I looked.at him kinda confused and said "what baby?" He just laughed and we went our different directions, after I checked out and was getting in my car I remembered I am almost 33weeks pregnant.
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Everytime I sneeze I pee myself.
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My ex still laughs at me for this one: the first time I had an emotional breakdown, it was because I was convinced he wouldn't help me change diapers. He just dried my tears, told me of course he would, and handed me some ice cream. lol
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I started balling my eyes out when my boyfriend made me drop my food on the floor...i stopped crying a minute later and was furious i told him to go make me another sandwich.  You do NOT mess with a hungry pregnant womans food!!
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I cried on the kitchen floor cause i couldnt open a can of dog food. My bd asks me to do something and i do the complete opposite. He doesnt get that i dont do it on purpose.
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I cried this morning cause I didn't make the homemade gravy right for gravy and biscuit's lol I was so upset with myself.
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Ws early in preg didn't knw I ws preg an I woke my bd up at bout 3am I thnk an askd him y hs faceclth ws wet and who used it? I threw him wth water an thn rememberd he tuk a shower earlier an I used it for the headache I hd earlier lol, he askd me if I ws losin my mind cos I'm actin lika crazy person an thn I cried an thn I wntd to hv sex an completely forgt the next day y an wt hppnd tht nyt lol
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Numbers are not my friend in this pregnancy! I can't do math to save my life..example my sister asked me to help her figure out how much a hotel stay would be if 3 people chipped in..they were gonna stay for 3 nights...so I had to whip out the calculator and add three nights together and then divide it by 3.....yeah after an hour i realized what an idiot i was...most recent  number failing was yesterday I was asked how old I was and I couldn't remember!
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I started crying the other day while washing dishes because my belly keep getting in the way. Oh and then I cried during those adoption commercials (the letter one & the one where the girl is learning to drive). I've also cried because I couldn't pick a box up & move it. OMG and cravings are pulled pork sandwich with mac and cheese on top all smothered in BBQ sauce. My bf was trying to make a feel better today & was making me laugh so much that I'm pretty sure I wet myself a bit.
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I was 25 weeks for 6 weeks straight one.time lol
I forgot what we were naming our son then when I remembered I pronounced his last name wrong and spelled one of his middle names wrong before.
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When I was pregnpregnant eith my son, I put my cell phone in the fridge instead of the butter. I saw the butter on the counter, and put it right on top of my phone and closed the fridge door. My husband found my cell a week later when it was ringing. I was surprised it worked. Nothing funny yet with this pregnancy, but I'm only 16 weeks, I've still got time :)
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**pregnant with my son** is what I meant! Maybe I should put this phone in the fridge to get the spelling autocorrect to work!
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I have forgotten twice how to spell my name while writing it!  Ughhhh!  Lol
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My favorite moment was when me n my boyfriend were laying in bed laughing in goofing around when out of no where i started crying because i was uncomfortable .. then started laughing again because i was crying over something stupid
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I laugh at myself all the time for crying over something silly. I always forget my due date when people ask. I kinda go uh, um.. Oh aug 5th! Lol.
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I cried the other day because I somehow lost a tshirt I had JUST got out of the closet. And then looked at my clothes basket and remembered I was suppose to do laundry and I got sooo upset and started ballin. Needless to say I found my tshirt and felt stupid afterwards because the main reason I was upset was cuz I lost my shirt. And poor hubby didnt know what to do with me. Haha.
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Omg I've been back h forth to this post all day because I wanted to write one of my silly moments but every time I come back to it I can't remember Jack! Ha ha
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