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Okay ladies....I am now Thankful Thursday, sooooooo

I am thankful for the health of my children and their unconditional love.  There is nothing like it :)

I am thankful for my job (even though everyone is getting on my nerves today :)

I am usually thankful for my DH, but he made me mad today, but I am thankful for him anyways :)

I am thankful for my family and friends.

And I am thankful for all of you ladies and this forum.  I look forward to this forum everyday and have made some awesome friends on here!!!
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My Thankful for the day:

I am thankful for my eldest niece Rachael (she is eldest by 3 minutes, she is a twin!) She totally made my day today. She sent me my very first baby gift,. A cute little dust ruffle, crib bumper set w/ ducks on it. Made me smile and made me feel loved.

I am also thankful my day at work is almost over & that Medhelp and you ladies are here everyday to keep me sane.. =)


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Im thankful for the life god has given me by life i mean mine lol not preggo yet but when i am ill be very thankful for that tooo!
Thankful for my family and friends no1 like them
Thankful i met my soulmate hes my everything
Thankful for vanilla bean icecream...strawberries a
Thankful theres such a thing as SEX lol

Thankful for the wonderful woman here at medhelp you guys totally are one in a million you guys are the best. you rock my sox off lol and not in the way my boyfriend does haha lol

Thankful for MEDHELP- truelly the greastest site i ditched myspace lol
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Hmm.. What am I thankful for today???
Im thankful for my mom.  Last night there was a house fire in my town and one of my guy friends moms died in the fire.  She was going downstairs to wake him up and after she woke him up he ran outside and when he looked back she wasn't there and he could hear her screaming inside :( I am so sad that things like this happen to people and it makes me even more thankful that I have my family and that they are all healthy because you never know what could happen.

Im also thankful that I hit 30 weeks today!! wooohooo! 10 more weeks to go until I meet my beautiful son.. and Im thankful that my pregnancy has (so far) been very healthy and I hope that it continues.

Hope everyone is having an awesome Thursday (Im thankful for all you ladies on here too!)
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MJ- sorry about your friends mom. what a wonderful mother putting her life at risk to save her son it really does make you think. may she RIP. it does wake you up in a way makes you realize you never know what could happen

yay 30 weeks how exciting girlie
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I like this, it kinda forces me to be thankful for something that I was probably taking for granted.
Again, i'm thankful for my husband trying to think of me in trying to get my lazy a$$ off the couch when I come home from work and push me to go to the gym to be a little more healthy and have more energy and not waste my night just watching tv and not doing anything.  i'm thankful because eventhough he sounds like an exersice infomercial, I really know that he loves me and cares for me enough to try for me to be as healthy as possible and to do something about it when I'm complaining that I don't fit in my jeans. Especially because he wants me to be healthy when I get pregnant again.
Thank you sincerely, eventhough I am dragging myself when I say this, I really do need the motivation to get off my a$$ and he tries to help.
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Today I'm thankful that I KNOW that I ovulated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well, each week I am going to try to think of one specific thing above and beyond the health, husband, family, roof over my head, great job....SO if people only see me post one thing, know I am thankful for more lol

I am thankful my blood levels doubled and are indicative of a healthy pregnancy....
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i'm with msgorgeous, thankful for sex!!! GREAT stress reliever(of course, now that the "season" is back up, i won't  get much *sigh*)....

#1-my family, especially my sister...13 or not, i've had the biggest bond with her since her 1st day *here*....she's my best friend, and i hope to do my best to guide her (not control) not to do the things i did--she's sooo like me, even our family says she could've be mine ;)

#2-chris.....we have our fights, but no matter what they are about, from the smallest things, to the outrageous and downright hurtful, i know he'd never truly do me wrong, and i him....

#3-life in general.....the fact that i'm healthy, and have the overall ability to live it all the way around!  "the object of life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well-preserved body**but rather to skid sideways, totally worn out, shouting holy sh*t what a ride!"
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I am thankful for my family, my wonderful husband who calls me everyday to see how I am feeling, and the fact that we go see the doctor on Tuesday to hopefully hear the heartbeat!
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Thanks! Yeah, I can't imagine how hard that would be.. I just hope that something that traumatic NEVER happens to me because I dont think I could deal with it.. I love my mom soo much I would NOT be able to live without her.. scary!

and Yes im SUPER excited about the 30 week! my baby shower is coming up too so im getting really excited about that! I should probably start buying decorations!
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i think that you should start buying decerations it with keep your mind off of whats been ging on with your ex
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yeah.. I have been trying to keep my mind off it for the past 3 days.. its getting tough.. but hopefully it just gets easier.
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Today im Thankful for my good Glucose results and good Urine test. Im thankful that i got to hear my little guys HB yesterday.

My_mommy-Congrats on making it to 30 weeks. I just made it to my 28 weeks. That time is getting closer.

Sweetangel7-Glad your HCG levels are rising the way they are suppose to.
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I am thankful that my surgery went good. I am thankfu that I got to keep my ovary. I am so glad to be back home. I am really thankful for my pain meds! And my family...what a comfort! I am so thankful for my Steven too, he has been so sweet and helpful for me the past week. He was just as scared and emotional as I was before I went under. I love him so much and my other family. Especially mom, who got just as much sleep as I did the night after my surgery in the hospital(which was none!)

I am just thankful for my health back and the rest and relaxation I can have with the next week and a half...
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omg i totally forgot about your surgery! no i take that back, i remember it, but just now noticed i havent seen you *around*....

that is soooo awesome everything went well! i'm so glad you're ok!!!

mj-mommy-manda*****oh lord trust me, when you start buying decorations, you won't think of that one guy lol....trust me, i just started buying stuff for friend's shower, and it soooo takes my mind off of EVERYTHING because i can't find anything that matches, or if it does, i know she won't like it, or if it matches, it's too girlie, and we found last week she's having a boy....and i don't want to use my theme, because it's *her* shower ya know? and she'll be at my shower, lol, so she'd totally notice!!!!
and doing that stuff, i'm so annoyed about this or that, and those and these, lol that i don't have time while i'm shopping to think of anything else!!!!  party planning and such is an AWESOME way to forget things! including track of time!!!!!
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