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TTC and got period AGAIN :(

We are trying to concieve after loosing our baby in April.  But month after month using the ovulation kits, being totally healthy...still nothing.  Today I got my period and it was 2 days late (i am usually 5 days early)  so I had so much hope, and now I am so frustrated and sad.  anybody have any advice on how to get through each month...the hardest for me is the weeks after ovulation and waiting to find out.  All the symptoms are the same for pregnancy and periods it is driving me nuts!  i can't seem to just wait it out so I end up buying the early preg tests because I don't want to miss one day of my pregnancy.  I didn't find out until week 11 I was preg last time and at 14 1/2 weeks we had to abort because the fetus was severly deformed.  We didn't think we could have children after trying for so long and when we found out we were it was the happiest time in our lives.  Now I just want to be a mom so bad and back to nothing happening.  I will tell you that i never knew about ovulation times or anything so when i say we were trying for years before it was just luck.  So now I am just so ready and nothing happening!  Any suggestions to help concieve faster or how to deal with the waiting would be great...thanks!
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Well the best advice I can give is just to relax, easier said then done cause each month I feel the breast swell, I get start feeling nausous and this and that and then the darn dreaded period shows her face. I know its frustrating trust me, but this month I have decided I am going all natural, taking my vitex, vitamin and listening to my body. I am not waking up tempting, timing sex, letting it consume me. I love my fiancé and we are going to be married real soon, and it will  happen sometime in out lives.  It is just too frustrating and I think that is part the reason why I don’t get pregnant the stress of it all. best of luck
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I am sorry that witch reared her ugly head again.  We are trying again this month for the first time since our miscarriage, and we are hopeful that it won't take us too long this time.  I have read several posts where ladies say that preseed helps them, and some even take robitussin to help with cm.  Why did you think that you would never be able to have a baby?  Well, once the witch AF leaves again, maybe you can get pregnant next month.  July is a wonderful time to have a baby (I have a son who was born in July).  Good luck.
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it took me almost a year after my miscarraige to get pregnant again. I am pregnant now 5 weeks. I know it is hard to deal with waiting and trying each month. And you get your period it just brings you down. Whatever you do, dont loose hope. Keep trying . do everything you can. i used clomid, herbal tea that has vitex, and herbal pill called maca. Your husband can take it too. I also went to get a "sovada" it is like going to a chiropractor. I prayed a lot too. I do not know what it was that worked, but just glad I am pregnant and never gave up.
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Congrats!!  I keep loosing faith the longer it takes, but it gives me hope to know that there are other people that it takes a while for.  Everyone I know just decides to get preg and does, especially on the m/c forum.  I feel so bad that they are having m/c's so oftern, but at least they know they can concieve easily.  It makes me happier to hear when they finally stick!  I havent tried anything except being totally healthy, I guess in some terms it hasn't been THAT long, but it is so hard when you want something so bad.  We are the same age and it feels like time.  I guess we just thought when we were ready we would just have a child...just like that!  I do pray, and will continue, I guess now i just need to wait till next ovulation time and go through this all over again!!
Keep me posted and good luck!!  and thanks.
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My husband and i have been married for 2 1/2 years, but have been together for 7.  We were fine with getting pregnant all that time since we "knew" we would be toghether forever.   we had only been together  3 months and I moved from AZ to Colorado to live with him and we knew we would be together and have a family, but through all that time I never got pregnant.  I went to a dr last year and I had my husbands belt buckle on (from riding bareback horses) and my dr said that could be a reason for not getting preg yet. (damaging the boys)  Well when I finally did we were SOOO happy.  Now that we know we can I cant wait.  I have heard about robutussen, but really want to stay away from meds.  My husband and I were just talking about July for a good month too (it is my birthday) so lets wish each other luck.  After the positive preg test there is still going to be a lot of worry.  I wish you the best of luck for a fast healthy baby!!!!!
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what is vitex???
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I would suggest you start taking 'MACA' powder.  It is a natural root/ food that normalises the hormone levels and seems to boost fertility.. I had a m/c at 10 wks in April.  We ttc next 2 cycles without joy. Then I started taking Maca and got pregnant that month of being on maca and I have continued to take it to keep progesterone levels up naturally. There are no actual hormones in it but it sparks your own system into producing hormones at levels body needs to reproduce and help sustain pregnancy.  If you key into Google lots will come up about it...  Other stories of ladies having no luck for years and then eating maca and suddenly becoming pregnant.  It is a completely natural food and women in Peru have been taking for years.  I certinly believe it's a fertility wonder food from personal experience.  It only costs around £15 a month too so economical- I take 3 tablepoons a day in a smoothie. My husband was also on it while ttc- it is supposed to increase 'quality' sperm count so be good idea for your dh or partner to go on it too.  You can get it on ebay- just key in 'Organic Maca powder'.  Tip- You should always go for organic, as most pure form. Because it is 100% natural food I think anyone ttc should try it.. There's nothing to lose! Best of luck and lots of baby dust to you.   Oh and I used the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor as well- I would highly recommend it as it is the only one that tells you when your LH surge/peak is in advance so you know when you will ovulate and when to bd for best chance. It's £100 new but again you can buy cheaper off ebay but if second hand make sure to re-set it following instructions before you use it.  Feel free to message me for any advice about that or more on the maca.  x
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Thankyou...i will definitley look into the meca and the fertility monitor...I am a vegeterian and have been for 17 years so I eat healthy, but the organic thing must be proven.  Our friend had cancer that was so advanced they didn't give him too much chance, but they told him to stay strictkly on organic and he did and is cancer free and feels different eating that way!
Thanks for the advice on the fertility monitor, i just realized this month how the ovulation kits don't help for advance notice.  Luckily I think I ovultate regularly and we can start trying days prior, but at this point I will do anything to help concieve!
Congrats to you and best of luck.  Again, thankyou
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Hi Dani! So sorry af showed, I was wondering if you were testing anytime soon.

I know what you mean when it feels like everyone else is getting pregnant except for you. Is so disappointing, as it seems like it should be so simple!

I do know the majority of women get pregnant when they finally stop trying and just have fun with it. I also take Vitex now as well as Red Raspberry leaf. Vitex is a berry extract that you take in capsules - regulates your hormones and increases your progesterone. I've read quite a few stories about women who take it after TTC for a while and end up with a healthy pregnancy. It's controversial during pregnancy though, as there hasn't been enough testing. The majority of health professionals say to take it till around 12 wks, then wean yourself off. There's also been stories of women who have stopped abruptly after getting preggo, then miscarrying right away. Scary!

Red Raspberry leaf has been used in pregnancy for centuries - it strengthens and tones your uterus. You can take it all the way until your last trimester. I've also heard many stories about how it has helped women conceive and then stay pregnant as well (supposed to decrease chances of miscarriage). I take the capsules as well as drink the tea. It actually tastes pretty good for a leaf!

I hope you get your BFP soon! And the belt buckle story kind of made me chuckle - makes you wonder hey? Hope he doesn't wear the tight cowboy pants too, you know what they say about that! :)
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sorry. but as they all say, relax and keep trying. i had a m/c at 14 weeks in july. and just got a BFP yesterday. so it can happen. your body knows what it feels like and wants to be pregnant again. but it is a miracle of timing. i tried for a months until i figured out i was reading the ovulation tests wrong. i was off by 24 hours. all these things sound cliche, but i feel that if a woman has been through it, she is qualified to use a cliche and yet mean it sincerely. good luck.
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