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The test........

I just took a pregnancy test folks...


I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm shaking so bad. DH ran off to Blockbuster and I ran upstairs to pee and the line came up IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!
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Click on the picture to see it better!!!!!!
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AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!! I was waiting for this post all day long!!!!

Congratulations Joy! You deserve this so much...in time for your anniversary too, right??
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It was yesterday! I wish I would've had a test earlier to surprise DH! He did NOT want to me buy any tests at the store today becuase he thought it'd be negative and a waste of money. I'm still shaking. I feel like I'm going to puke i'm so excited!!! look, I can't even type properly!
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I have literally been sitting here at work..wondering when you would be back on and when you were testing today. Is DH so excited??? Do the girls know yet?
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUE IN JULY!
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Ahaha I knew you were going to get a positive!!!!  YAY!!  COngrats!  
How you going to tell hubby?
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I will probably scream and cry when he walks in the door! Or maybe I should tell him Trick Or Treat and then hand him the test.

I don't know! What do you think?!?!?!
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sorry..i know I keep responding..i am just so so excited for you!!!

Atleast you will never forget that you found out you were pregnant on Halloween!!! You must be ecstatic!
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Totally hold your hands behind you back, ask him trick or treat.....and then hadn him the test!!!!
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Do u know when you conceived...and did you try and figure out your due date by your conception datE?
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The Trick-or-treat thing is cute!!!! How exciting for you!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew it would be a BFP!
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Put the test in a bag, and tell your hubby it's his halloween present LOL  :)
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I should put it in my daughter's Halloween bucket (I'll wipe it with disinfectant first)!!!!!! Then hand it to him and say HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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omg this is finally it for you! CONGRATULATIONS JOY-JOY!!!!!!
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OMG JOY!  That is awesome!!!  And you did it all on your own this month, right???  I think I remember reading that!  I'm ecstatic for you and I can't wait to hear DHs response!  :)
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AHHH!!!!  I am so excited for you Joy!  YAY!  Can't wait to hear all the updates!  

I'd trick or treat him with the test =)
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Lance06, I will never forget this Halloween! My anniversary really really really stank yesterday (if you read my blog you'll see why, the URL is in my profile here on MedHelp). Had nothing to do with DH, but someone else. SO THIS IS AWESOME! Makes up for everything!

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All wonderful ideas!!! He is going to be so excited!!!
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amy--- I DID! No Clomid this cycle, no charting, no nothing! I've waited over a YEAR for this.

You guys are so awesome. Now I know I'm pregnant because I'm crying. Your support and love is so clear through this forum and I REALLY appreciate it. You've stuck by me through every negative test and I FINALLY got my BFP! I'm just speechless.

I want to tell my preschooler but I know she'll tell everyone before I have a chance.
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I just read the blog..i occasionally go on to see whats new in your life!
I compeltely understand why your anniv. wasnt such a happy one!

Well, I am glad that one day later everything turned around and that you will now be on the path to happy things!!! I cannot wait to hear about your progress and everything else with your pregnancY
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Oh Joy I am SO happy for you! I have been checking all day long for your update and I totally have excited goosebumps just from hearing your good news! DH is going to be so excited! :D
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Well, I am leaving work and will have to catch up on everything tomorrow or later on tonight!
Again joy, I am so beyond excited for you! Maybe this time around it will be a little boy.
It was meant to happen....and you werent even trying....it just happened!!! Truly a miracle! Yours and Daniel's miracle....and its wonderful!

best wishes and have a wonderful Halloween night with your family....and I hope the girls have fun trick or treating if they are going!

God bless!
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Yay Joy!!!  It's definitely a Happy Halloween!!!!  =D

Can't wait to hear DH's reaction to the news!!
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