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Unusually lighter period

Hello. I am sexually active, on the pill, and usually have very regular periods. This month it came typically on schedule between the last week of my pills, but was MUCH lighter than usual, only lasted 4 days and I noticed more of a brownish blood as well.

There was a 5 day time period where I wasn't on the pill because it was being mailed to my new location (I just moved) and ran on a shortage of bc packs. Anyway, I was sexually active still during that 5 day period, and when the following Sunday came I started my new pack.

I have been a little stressed lately, but the stress level is nothing compared my old stress level from a pervious job. Any ideas what might be going on? Should I take a pregnancy test?

Thank you for your time in reading this!

p.s. Being pregnant wouldn't be a big issue, it would actually make me and my husband overjoyed!

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Thank you everyone for answering my question! I will update you n if I am pregnant or not!
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Here is a more detailed timeline of what's happened:

In September I started my period 9/23/10 which according to the ovulation calculator, I would be ovulating 10/4/10 - 10/8/10. When my bc pack was finished for the month of September, I didn't start my next pack until 10/7/10 and had unprotected sex with my husband everyday during that time (9/30-10/6 not on the pill). Before my period I had white discharge for a couple weeks. The month of October, my period (or I thought it was my period) started around the same time (3 days into the last week of the pills) BUT it flowed somewhat regular the first day, but with brown discharge/blood and then after that it was spotting still with the brown blood/discharge. My period only lasted 4 days instead of 7 and was not nearly as heavy as it usually is. Could I have experienced implantation bleeding? If I were to have conceived around 10/6/10 I would be around 4 weeks pregnant. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative. Was it too soon? I am still having some mild cramping even after my period which is again not normal for me. ANY IDEAS OF WHAT MIGHT BE GOING ON, OR AM I BEING PARANOID?

Also, before I started taking my vitamins again such as fish oil, etc. I was craving watermelon EVERYDAY all day. I even woke up at 4am one time and wanted watermelon before I could go back to bed.

Thank you for your time.

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Cd is cycle day, however, I think what u had was due to ur late pills, they really mess up with the body. I wouldn't worry if I were u, but just to be extra sure, wait a couple of days and take another test or a blood test because even with pills u always have a 1% chance of getting pregnant.
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Hello again,

First off, I had white stretchy discharge before my period and then when I started my period the first day it was a normal flow (to me anyway) with brown blood. The second to fourth day it got lighter and was more spotting still with brown blood/discharge.

I was sexually active 5-6 days before my period, but I have been taking this months pills regularly.

The previous month, September, I had my last period around the 23rd and when it was over 7 days later I didn't have any birth control pills (I just moved and didn't have any packs left) but still had intercourse during those 5 days I wasn't on the pill. That Sunday I started my new pack which was the month of October. My period for the month of October came at a typical time 3 days into the last week of pills, but it was a totally different period than normal.

I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative.

Also, what do you mean by CD?

Hopefully this inforfmation helps you a bit more to know my situation? It's probably nothing, but I thought I would ask anyways.
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well, i really hope you would get pregnant soon, but missing some pills may miss a bit with your cycle. however, what was the bleeding like?? you said lighter than usual, but how light? was it only few drops a day, or actual flow like period? was it all brownish or you had blood with it? and what CD did were you sexually active? all these may help knowing if it is only lighter period or implantation bleeding. you can test if you want, especially if you had sex at leaset two weeks from testing.

sorry if i'm not much of a help ... best of luck
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