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Virgin, but getting symptoms of pregnancy

Before i say anything, i wanna say that im diagnosed with OCD and my anxiety is severe.
It all started when i was in a Train and i was on my period. I went to the toilet (the toilet is for male and female) and i changed my pad, peed etc. I  used the bidet shower (they were next to the toilet) and i sprayed it on my vagina. Since i have OCD ive been getting thought for example “What if the bidet shower accidentally touched the guys penis” and right after i sprayed it on my private part. Now im scared ill get pregnant from that.
Another thing that happened, i was in a restaurant and had to go to the toilet , The toilets were also for male and female. This time, i wasnt on my period. It was one or two days after my period ended. I realised there was yellow pee at the back of the toilet seat, so i wiped it. Im scared i didnt clean it enough and im scared the pee went inside my vagina. Im being so paranoid , i just want to cry.
Can anyone please reply, because that would he amazing :)
Edit: My period started on the 15th of July. What happened on the train on the 17th of July. And what happened it the bathroom in the restaurant on the 23rd of July (Everything
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So, just answering your actual question.  You are not pregnant because you haven't had sex sweetie.  all of the symptoms of pregnancy are the symptoms that we get with hormones and hormone fluctuations.  Normal to have episodes like this.  Things that can cause a blip in our hormones are stress, changes in routine, weight gain or loss, illness.  I'm guessing you are about to get a period soon.

We can not get pregnant from a toilet seat.  We can not get pregnant from a bidet shower.  

You are not pregnant.

Bigger question, what do you do about the OCD?  That is treatable and you will have a more peaceful life if you do work on that.  :>)  
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Thank you for answering and making me more calm but I actually just ended my period last week :)
Ive  had OCD for three years and it stopped last year. But since what happened on the train, it came back.
What i normally do is , i try to calm myself down and if that doesnt work, either my mom or my brother try to distract me. And that usually always works
Well, glad you have some go to strategies.  If the OCD ever gets too much, then I'd go ahead and work with a professional.  There are coping strategies, medication, etc. that you can do all on your own in case your family might not be there some time to help you.  Is this OCD with actual rituals or just obsessive thought/worry?  

but rest assured, you are never going to get pregnant from a toilet.  good luck and we're here to chat.  (our anxiety forum is good, check it out: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Anxiety/show/71
My dad and I are going to visit my doctor soon to talk about me getting medication for my OCD if it gets really bad.
I have rituals only at night, for example i have to check a few times if the shower and sink is not running and sometimes i even go out to check if the stove is off, because if i dont check, ill get thoughts like “if i dont check, the house might burn down” or something.
I really want to thank you for talking to me about my problems, because right now i cant really talk to my family about this. My dad is always busy with work, my older brother is in another country (he is studying) and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and she has to do the operation soon and i didnt want to stress her.
So thank you so so much <3
Oh gosh, sorry to hear about your mom.  That's really terrifying when our loved one gets a diagnosis like that. I'm sure that is really a big deal in your home dealing with that.  I hope she is okay!!  I'm also sorry that everyone is super busy so that you feel you don't have anyone at home to talk to.  You may feel lonely with all these feelings.  I think your rituals are very common things and most people do it from time to time.  I've run back in to make sure the stove is off too.  It's more likely if I'm in an anxious state or worried about other things.  But I'm glad you are not having the more traditional rituals or pervasive compulsions that can accompany ocd.  I would venture a guess you successfully can be treated for generalized anxiety disorder.  There are some workbooks for teens that might help you.  I got one on Amazon.  It was on just anxiety and cost around 12 dollars.  You work through the book learning to recognize anxiety and cope better.  Might look into that as something you can do on your own.  

Hang in there.  People are here all the time to talk to.  
Im so sorry for replying late, i havent been on my phone a lot at the moment.
I have a similar book which i got from a bookstore i think and it really helped me. Thank you for the suggestion.
I have another question if you dont mind.
My next period is supposed to come on the 15th of August and now its the 10th of August.
Since thursday, i noticed when i wipe after peeing , there was light pink discharge mixed with clear discharge. And since yesterday i have been getting light brown discharge and sometimes brown clots.
Im still worried i might be pregnant even tho i know it takes much more to get pregnant. But i googled and it says its implantation bleeding and now im scared and confused:(
and i forgot to mention, that it mostly only happens when I wipe after i pee, but sometimes i see it in my underwear
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Virgin pregnancy symptoms
What Are The Early Signs Of Pregnancy?

    Symptom 1: Period Mising
    Symptom 2: Morning sickness.
    Symptom 3: Your boobs hurt.
    Symptom 4: Your vagina and areola changes colour.
    Symptom 5: Appetite change.
    Symptom 6: You have taken a pregnancy test and it's positive.
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Thank you for replying quick. I know the first symptom of pregnancy is missed Period.
My boobs hurt, but i think its just because my period ended last week monday and my appetite kind of changed.
Im just overthinking i guess
Thank you so much for answering ☺️
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